Every company needs to avoid having frustrated users!

So, how can you make your users engage; make them feel more involved in your product or process? The evolution of technology has seen content readers seamlessly traverse the digital landscape into becoming content creators. Thus, the line between developer and user is blurred, as users are able to interact more with businesses and news outlets online.

So you can maintain a high user retention, we’ve listed to top 3 ways that you can grab the attention of potential customers through engagement tools.

  1. Stepping it up with social sharing

One of the keys to website or app marketing is to enable people to share it with their social circles. Common ways to do this are to add widgets/icons to your app or website so users can quickly and easily share their experience to their audience. These strategies can include more targeted approaches that also allow visitors to offer their thoughts directly to your team with the help of an app feedback tool. This gives you the ability to fully understand the perceived strengths and weaknesses of your service on a micro level.

Sharing is what makes things go viral, and virality is how you can ensure the largest segment of the public knows about your business! Encourage users to like, comment and share. Which brings us to our next point…


  1. Modern day market research

Historically, market research meant sitting in a room with a pen and a piece of paper filling out questionnaires, or answering them in a recorded room with double sided mirrors. That environment would make anyone squeamish, resulting in poor or incomplete survey answers. With the evolution of technology, there are now new and exciting ways that you can gain valuable user insights.

For instance, Appee is an app plugin that enables users of your current app to rate their experience based on questions that you construct. The streamlined simplicity of this process means that the response rate of services such as these is above 80% – much higher than regular customer feedback platforms.


  1. Curating the perfect contributory comment

The ability to comment on content has dramatically increased user engagement regarding all types of digital content. When people have the option to give their opinion, they will. This is especially true in cases of evocative content. Of course, when there is a platform for users to give their opinion, not all of these opinions will be rosy. However, with the good comes the bad, and the best businesses take on board criticism so they can create a product more suited to their audience.

The reality of the internet today is that, if your website or app does not interest users, they will disengage, uninstall your app, or leave your site. First impressions count, especially online. One way to gently nudge users to view you positively is to let their voices be heard.

Therefore, it’s vital that you ensure that you give your users a platform to engage with you and your business or publication, which will encourage them to stick around on your site or keep subscribed to your app. After all, users are king in the modern age of digital!