The 5 golden rules of blogger outreach


Being passionate about your brand, product, services and people is a sure-fire way to build business awareness and drive metrics that matter, but imagine the effect when this passion is amplified by people of influence to their large and engaged networks. Cue blogger outreach, which gives you the means of identifying key influencers in your niche, creating meaningful relationships with them, and them leveraging their reach and influence for the good of your business.

Their time and attention is precious, and will certainly be in demand from your competitors and other companies related to their niche. Follow these five golden rules to make sure your outreach stands out for the bloggers, influencers and publishers whose voices matter most to your brand.

1. Be clear on your goals 

What is this year’s business strategy? Do you want to drive sales and leads, increase brand awareness at the top of the funnel, or maybe diversify your offering and connect with a new audience? Any blogger outreach you undertake must link back to your business goals in order for it to be worthwhile. See it as a strategic move, not just a quick, tactical job. 

2. Measure your success

Measuring your success might seem tricky; how do you go about analysing the KPIs you’ve set, especially if a lot of your metrics are digital? Work with an experienced blogger outreach company to really understand what you should be measuring and how to go about it.

3. Use your products and services to your advantage

Blogger outreach works best when the influencers you’re partnering with genuinely believe in your company and what you’re selling. Let them experience the best of what you have to offer for free, so that they can positively promote it with authenticity and excitement. Their networks will be full of engaged people waiting to hear what they say next, so you need any and all references to your business to be sincere and enthusiastic.

4. Speak to the right people

Spend time really thinking about who the right people are to promote your business. Once you have your hit list, use a digital tool to identify which bloggers and influencers have the widest reach, the most engaged networks, and the best performing websites (you want any links back to your website to be from top-quality sites).

5. Make it personal

You have to stand out if you want to win the attention and time of a key blogger or influencer. It’s not enough just to ping an introductory email across asking for help. Build up a relationship before you ask for anything from them. Connect on social media, share content with them they might find valuable and ask their opinion on what you have to say. Invite them to guest blog for your website or speak at one of your events. Show them you exist in the same niche and are working towards the same goals. By doing this you will build up a genuine, mutually beneficial relationship that will make it much easier when it comes to promoting your business.

These five golden blogger outreach rules might seem simple enough in isolation, but work on them in harmony and you’ll see fantastic results. It will take time and perseverance on your part, but partnering with a blogger or publisher whose voice is a beacon of influence and knowledge in your industry really should be an invaluable piece of your marketing and wider business strategy.