There are many businesses, which are exclusively using Microsoft Office for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, but the fact is that Office 365 has many features, which are highly relevant for today’s business world. Read on further to find what all can be done through the various applications present in Microsoft Office 365, which have evolved and upgraded to suit the present business requirements.

The different applications of Microsoft office

All of us are aware of MS word, Powerpoint, Outlook and Excel and at one point or another; we have used them for the creation of documents, spreadsheets, presentations for internal as well as external communications.

However, it is important to have a look at SharePoint alongside Microsoft Teams, which is a group chat tool. The other big applications include Access, One Note, Visio, and One Drive.

Facts about Cloud storage

Microsoft office 365 utilises cloud computing for the storing and securing of the files making it easier for us to retrieve these in case something goes wrong with one of the computers. Cloud storage is one of the important tools, but it can be tricky to do the migration. One has to ensure that all the documents are found, in order to save them in the right way.

Great utility for collaboration

There are various businesses, which still use collaboration tools whereby staff members send email attachments to each other. However, this method is slow and ambiguous. The files can get mixed up and these can get sent to the wrong person.

The use of Microsoft SharePoint present in the Microsoft Office app 365 is dedicated for file sharing and collaboration. This app allows the employees to work on the same file. Thus, there is no requirement of using the email attachments back and forth. It is possible to visit the sites like to get the details.

Learning curve

Due to the vast amount of information available, there is a lot of effort required and there is a beginner’s learning curve. However, it is just a one-time learning effort, and later on, the use of the applications comes naturally. Initially, you can consider getting some professional help with the apps for migration of the data over to the apps.

Other interesting and useful facts

With the amazing utility of the Microsoft Office365 in business collaborations and activities, it is no wonder that enthusiasts appreciate the hardware gadgets and new updates. There is hype for the latest and the biggest trends for getting the cutting edge.

Moreover, accessing and installing backup Office 365 can be performed easily using high speed and solid internet connection. Apart from this, your system should meet the minimum hardware requirements. The computer should have Windows 7 or Windows 8 with the Windows server 2008 R2. In addition to this, 2012 32 bit and the 64 bit are the other requirements.

The computer would also need a 1GHz processor having 1GB Ram for 32 bit and 2 GB RAM for 64-bit connection. Apart from this, there should be at least 3 GB of hard disk space should be available.

One should get a compatible web browser with a monthly or annual subscription fees. The best part is that most of the licenses would provide for a subscription for at least 5 devices.

The mid-size business plans have been renamed as Business Premium, Business Essentials, and Business.