While a range of different industries utilise drones, the fastest growing commercial adopter is the construction industry. Below we have highlighted some of the key statistics from industry data from 2018.
5-20X Savings
By closing monitoring and analysing up-to-date imagery and data, construction projects can save time and money.
55% Increased Safety
Leveraging drones can increase safety on a construction site. Drones have saved the lives of at least 133 people around the world.
61% More Accurate Measurements
As construction companies turn to drones for aerial data collection, there has been a rise in the demand for higher data accuracy.
52% Reduced Time To Data Insights
Drones greatly reduce the labor and time involved in producing accurate surveys.
65% Improved Communication and Collaboration
Drones can improve communication and collaboration between different parties onsite and offsite, to enhance planning as a site grows.”
Author Bio:
Pae Natwilai, is the founder of TRIK, a former oil and gas inspection and maintenance engineer, who was named as one of the rising stars in the Forbes 30, under 30