An email address is an essential marketing tool for your business. But is it working for your business or against your business?

Customers expect you to have your website and a domain name. An email address with your domain name shows you’re a serious business person. Definitely, your email has a domain where they can get you.

So, what are the benefits of hosting your email at your own domain?

  1. Branding and Name Recognition

Are you planning to promote your company online? Having your domain email is a must. Here is why.

Your potential customers will get your name via every email you send them. If they see your name quite often, they like about you. With this, it becomes easier for them to remember your business name.

  1. Customer Develop Trust

If you want to boost your sales, boost your customers’ trust levels. But wait! How do you do this?

Through consistent marketing. Also, be sure to meet their various needs, wants and expectations. Customers will always be waiting to see the name of your business on your email address. Otherwise, how will they know you are a genuine trader?

Having your domain name on your email is an indication you are running a professional and successful venture. Customers want to be associated with a successful business.

  1. You Save on Marketing Costs

Marketing is an important stage in any business. However, it doesn’t need to be expensive. With your own domain email address, you’ll save a huge deal on advertising costs.

First, anyone reading the mail is able to know your business name. As such, there’s no need to reprint letterheads, business cards and other marketing materials once you change web hosts.

Here, you own the email address. It stays with you. Also, you can take it anywhere you want.

  1. Easier to Locate You Online

Having your own domain on an email address allows customers to locate you with ease. All they need to do type in the domain name on the search engine. Boom! They’re able to access your site.

Once they get you online, it becomes easy for them to buy anything from you. If your email address contains the generic domains, it becomes hard for the clients to locate you. As a result, your sales will decline.

  1. You Own Your Email Address Not Your ISP

The good this is, you own your email address. If you change your internet service providers, you don’t have to change the address.

Having the same address to reach your customers helps build a positive relationship with your clients. The client loves it when they can get you on the same email address. If they have a query or a complaint, they’ll be pleased to know you’ll be on the other side to provide solutions.

Retaining the same email address helps create a positive marketing momentum. Your customers can get to you at any time.

Having your own domain makes it simple and easier for people to remember.