The Business of Blogging: Take Your Site to the Next Level


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Earning money doing something you love is the dream for most, and if you’ve been writing a blog as a hobby for a while you might be wondering if there’s a way you can take it to the next level and start earning a bit of income. And actually, there are plenty of paid opportunities out there, and your blog could easily become a full or part time job to earn you real money. Here are some of the ways you can go about making this happen.

Improve Your Design

First impressions matter. If your blog looks amateur, clutters and unpleasant, chances are you’re going to be overlooked by sponsors. These days blogging is taken very seriously, most bloggers have professional, beautiful designs. While your content is extremely important, a lot of people (readers and advertisers) won’t give it a chance if it doesn’t look smart on the page. It’s usually worth paying a designer to create something for you, or at the very least go onto Etsy and purchase a ready made template. This could be the difference between doing paid work and being overlooked.

Use Marketing Professionals

While it’s useful to teach yourself as much as you can about marketing and promotion so you understand it, it’s incredibly complicated and you’re never going to know or understand everything unless you’ve been properly taught. Plus the world of marketing and the way search engines index and decide which sites are valuable is ever changing. For this reason, it’s well worth calling in the professionals when it comes to your promotion. They can help you to get your name out there to the right people, increasing your audience. They can improve your domain authority so your blog is seen as more important by search engines. This can increase your levels of paid work as sponsors want to work with blogs which have a higher domain authority (usually at least twenty, but each company will have their own threshold). Sites like will know all of the ins and outs and how to get your site out there in the best possible way. The competition in blogging for paid work is fierce, so this is one way you can improve your chances.

Register for a Domain

Lots of sponsors looking to work with bloggers will only work with those who have their domain. These are inexpensive to buy and relatively simple to hook up to your blog and so it’s well worth getting one. You don’t want to be being ruled out as a potential candidate because of this one thing. It looks more professional and if you want to take blogging seriously and gain paid work from it, it’s one simple thing you can do.

It takes time and a lot of effort to build up your blog to the point where advertisers will pay you to work with them. But follow these tips and continue putting out great content, and later down the line you could be earning good money doing something you genuinely love.