While there are countless essential decisions that a business owner needs to make, selecting the most suitable service to process credit card payments is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions. There are also quite a few aspects to take into account when considering which service you should opt for. First and foremost, ensuring that you opt for a trustworthy and respectable company is crucial while other factors such as processing fees are also important to consider.

 There are numerous companies that offer services for processing credit card payments and many of them provide different methods, processing fees, and processing times. In our informative guide, we have compiled a short list of the most affordable ways for you to accept credit card payments using My Payment Savvy services to ensure that you can make the most assertive choice for your business.

 My Payment Savvy Merchant Solutions

By offering a wide variety of payment processing solutions, it seems that this payment processing service can accommodate practically every size business, which is great. In addition to the alluring variety of solutions offered, the majority are surprisingly pocket-friendly. Payment Savvy is also a reliable company with impressive ratings and customer feedback and because there is quite a number of services to choose from, we have listed the top 6 most affordable options.

 #1 Online payment gateway

There are numerous online payment gateway services offered for accepting credit card payments for your business. My Payment Savvy provides a fully integrated online payment gateway that will allow you to accept debit cards, credit cards, and AH payments, all conveniently in real-time. This service is secure and trustworthy to eliminate the stress of accepting payments. Furthermore, opting for these services will not just save you a lot of time but it is also pleasingly affordable for small businesses.

 #2 Pay by Text

This is quite a simple and straight forward method to accept payments for your business. If you opt for this service, an online account will be created to securely store the payment information that will be available through a generated code. Customers that opt-n to use this service will receive charges due via text message through the payment channel and invoices can be paid via text message using the generated code. Pay by Text is most convenient for processing payments and the processing fees won’t break the bank either.

 #3 Web Payments

This service will allow customers to pay for goods via online shopping carts and online payment forms. Payment Savvy provides an online payment platform that will efficiently integrate with your website to promote convenient sales and timely payment processing. What’s more, this method of accepting credit card payments can also be customised to better fit your needs by allowing recurring payments as well while also being secure and trustworthy.

 #4 Recurring Billing

The Payment Savvy recurring billing system is user-friendly and an affordable method of accepting ongoing credit card payments. The platform is reliable for routinely updating billing data while also informing your customers with regards to credit card expiration dates that may be approaching. Opting for this solution may also promote the likelihood that your customers pay you on time which will streamline your business and encourage growth.

 #5 Integrated Voice Response

Integrated voice response allows you to accept and make payments over the phone by incorporating technology that enables your computer to interact with customers using a landline phone. The user will need to respond to questions that will prompt the system to react using cutting-edge technology, what more could you ask for? This method of accepting credit card payments and debit card payments is extremely convenient as it required no paperwork but rather a pre-defined message and it is also pleasingly safe and secure for your business and customers.

 #6 Online Invoicing

Online invoicing is another method of accepting credit card payments for your business. The secure portal allows your customers to view invoices and pay them using either mobile phones or online. Customers can log in and submit payments from anywhere, which is extremely convenient for your customers and your business. There are many payment processing companies that have online invoicing services that are efficient and pocket-friendly.

 Why is Payment Savvy a great option for your business?

Even though there are quite a few different payment processing companies available that all offer similar services that allow you to timelessly accept credit card payments in a secure manner, My Payment Savvy seems to be one of the tops most affordable companies while still maintaining high standards of safety and security. They offer a variety of services that can accommodate any size business and their services can be tailor-made to better suit your needs.

 Furthermore, they accept all major credit and debit cards and are legally compliant, which means your payments will all be safe and secure, giving you peace of mind where you need it most while running your business smoothly.