The Constant Advancement Of Technology: 5 Ways AI Technology Is Utilized In Business

Businessman touching "AI" word on screen of digital booth with fintech infographic. Hi-tech business concept .

Technology is constantly advancing in numerous ways, including the expansion and integration of artificial intelligence. Just a few decades ago, AI seems incredibly futuristic, but now it is a reality and has many real-world applications, including those for businesses. Find out why you should make the move to Beautiful.AI and enhance AI in other ways for your business.

Data Analytics

One of the areas in which AI is able to save businesses the most time is in terms of data analytics. Previously, this had to be done manually or with complicated formulas and calculations. In recent years, however, improvements to technology and artificial intelligence have dramatically improved the ability to analyze data, now using human intelligence to do so. Many big companies now use AI and machine learning to analyze data and make crucial decisions.

Crafting Presentations

AI can also assist in unexpected ways, such as taking away the hassle from creating a presentation. When you find out why you should make the move to Beautiful.AI, you will be amazed by the program’s ability to craft presentations that showcase your ideas. The artificial intelligence within this program can even adapt to changes you make and automatically include best practices in presentation design.

Improve Supply Chain Management And Inventory

Any business with a physical product will also find applications for artificial intelligence in terms of supply chain and inventory management. Machine learning can help with inventory management in multiple ways, including the ability to automate requests for refills and optimizing the supply chain. Some of the leaders in AI, including IBM Watson, are making supply chain management one of their priorities with AI research due to its far-reaching applications.

Finding Candidates For Job Openings

The human resources department of businesses can also make use of artificial intelligence to use their time more wisely, namely the process of looking for job candidates and weeding through applications. Artificial intelligence has already been able to screen through applications and CVs to look for keywords or determine if a candidate is a good fit for a while. Now, artificial intelligence is going even further, with AI-based facial recognition applications that can handle the first interview or screen out applicants. Unilever, Dunkin Donuts, and IBM all use artificial intelligence during the screening of candidates for entry-level positions and say that this method has been met with great success.

Engaging In And Analyzing Customer Interactions

The applications for AI in businesses have even extended to customer-facing roles. Many companies now use chatbots powered by the artificial intelligence of some sort on their website and social media pages. This goes a step further with the artificial intelligence not only conducting basic conversations with clients but also gathering information from them. The artificial intelligence can analyze text conversations as well as surveys and even activities like purchasing or browsing patterns. Based on that information, businesses can gain deeper insights into their customers. This, in turn, lets them adjust their marketing strategy, product offerings, or other important functions to meet the specific needs of clients.