The Joy of Online Shopping

online shopping

The Joy of Online Shopping

In many countries around the world, online shopping has become a widespread, popular past-time. Consumers are finding it a convenient, easy way to shop for clothing, home furnishings, electronics, groceries, and even automobiles. Like social media, shopping online is providing a type of inexpensive entertainment that’s available 24 hours a day.

The number one item that fills an internet shopping cart is clothing. With so many stores that now sell online, as well as internet-only manufacturers, shoppers can easily purchase endless quantities of clothing items whether they really need them or not. Easy, online shopping from the comfort of home has created pure enjoyment in the act of shopping itself, as much as in the items purchased.

This joy of online shopping has created and endless supply of customers, but it’s also created a few issues. Thrift stores receive a steady stream of “disposable clothing” as shoppers buy more and more online. This is great for consumers who are looking for quality merchandise at bargain prices, but clothes that aren’t sold or items that are thrown in the trash go to landfills. Since clothing and shoes that end up there can take years to break down, online shoppers should shop wisely.

It’s no accident that online shopping has become an exciting, often compulsive activity. According to various neurological studies, findings show that the brain actually derives pleasure from shopping. With test subjects, the brain’s pleasure center was stimulated by looking at desirable objects, and the more the person wanted the item, the more brain activity was recorded. In addition to viewing desirable items, studies also showed that “bargains” registered even more stimulation. This obviously proves that shopping really does make us happy!

Many big name retailers with online sites post new clothes daily, so there’s an endless supply of new, exciting merchandise for shoppers. It’s easy to find expensive designer labels, as well as less expensive, trendy clothes. Both men’s and women’s clothing lines offer everything from underwear to overcoats and an overwhelming selection of fashionable accessories. With so many choices, who wouldn’t want to shop online from the convenience of home? Heading to the mall can be fun, but it can also be exhausting, especially with kids or after a long day at the office.

Online shopping offers something for everyone. For more information on the benefits of a website or online merchant account, visit us at