The Startup Disrupting the Charter Bus Industry

We’ve heard of Uber and Lyft, but several other ‘travel share’ companies are disrupting the transportation industry. Among them is, which is helping consumers book charter bus rentals almost as effortlessly as booking a flight.

The business of chartering buses is a multi-billion-dollar industry, but the system needed overhauling. Nobody had congruous standards or pricing, the accessibility needed to be straightforward and organized, and bus companies all over North America had inventory, not in use. The small, charter bus companies, which most of them were, had inadequate websites. Wolf Kohlberg ran a bus rental firm in Germany, so after moving to Canada and attending a few music festivals, he recognized an immense opportunity.

Wolf met Kyle Boulay, who is a developer and web designer, and together they founded in 2014. Kyle Boulay is the CEO, and Wolf Kohlberg is the Chief Logistics Officer. They evolved into in 2017 after receiving a USD 5-million, Series A, investment by Jackson Square Ventures, plus others.

“’s mission is to transform the charter bus industry. We enable groups of all sizes to book bus travel online and unlock remote destinations all across North America.”

To simplify the process of renting a bus, Boulay and the team took on the daunting task of creating a software platform for doing quotes, service, bookings, and paying online, booking charter bus rentals online.

The company is exponentially growing and increasing its office space and staff. In July of 2019, they raised another USD 14.7-million, in fundraising capital, Series B, Funding from Autotech Ventures and Cycle Capital Management.

The technology was the basis for the previous rounds; however, for this last round of funding, Kyle and Wolf switched the focus to increase the social aspect with travelers and to build and enhance business relationships with function managers/organizers, and suppliers while offering them complex transit and operational plans. The networking connections they make will create an efficient, consistent, and affordable experience. Due to the ease and smoothness of the process, the passengers will enjoy a better experience, as well.

Their drivers and operators are professional, and proffers 24/7 customer service. They include four types of buses to accommodate your specific needs for assorted occasions:

  • Minibus- Seats 21, compact, fewer amenities, economical
  • Mini Coach- Seats 32, can be equipped with a/c and WiFi
  • School Bus- Seats 47, no-frills
  • Coach Bus- Seats 55, top of the line, restroom, all amenities

The Ultimate Guide to Bus Rental is easy to navigate. The guide provides the information online to assist groups or any persons that are planning an excursion. Some of the key factors impacting your choice of bus and costs are distance, time, budget, and the number of individuals and stops.

Various amenities are available to aid in your decision-making, such as a/c, WiFi, storage, restrooms, audio-visual equipment, outlets, reclining seats, and GPS tracking. A professional service team is available for help with complicated travel plans, handicap accessible needs, or any unanswered questions you may have.

They have taken the transportation industry and their startup to new levels, but their goal is to keep improving and go global.