The Ultimate QR Code Guide: How to Use QR Codes for Your Business!


The advancement in the IT sector has changed the way people prioritize products in the market. The impact of social media and TV campaigns won’t serve the same deals in this ever-evolving industrial revolution. Something was needed to be done and then QR codes came into the market. Many think that QR codes are dead and people do not scan them at all. Still, there are many examples where a company alone gets thousands of scans per day.

If you are concerned about how dynamic QR codes can make your business stand out, you’ve come to the right place. Follow this ultimate QR code guide and I’ll try my best to cover dynamic QR codes marketing tips in a brief manner.

Dynamic QR Codes for Your Business

Before getting started, note that dynamic QR codes serve the following purposes opposed to static QR codes:

  • You can change the content/URL behind dynamic QR codes anytime.
  • You can track conversion data i.e. time, date, location, device type, and a number of scans.

When creating a dynamic QR code for your business, make sure to add an attractive call-to-action button to engage and educate users. The call-to-action can anything related to your business type or deal i.e. Learn More, Watch Video, Hurry Up, Check Price, Get Free Shipping, Scan Now etc.

Also, a QR code generator with logo will let you customize your dynamic QR code per your business type, brand color, logo, and more. In this regard, QR- Zebra is certainly the best QR code generator available online. You can also customize the density of the QR code and change the corner eyes. For example, QR codes of Coca Cola always have broad eyes, red color, and a logo embedded in the center for brand awareness.

Best Examples to Use QR Codes for Your Business

QR codes offer great versatility. They can be used for any to every business industry out there. Some useful examples of using dynamic QR codes for your business are explained below:

  • Download your App: You can let your targeted audience download an app or game using a dynamic QR code generator. Try different applications, tools, or URLs on the same code and see which works best for you.
  • V-card: Let your business contacts scan and have in one your contact information on their smartphone, way more efficient then keeping all these business cards in your folders.
  • Special Deals: Dynamic QR codes can be used to provide special deals or discounts which are available for a certain time. After the deadline, you can simply put something else behind the QR codes. Its that simple.

These were just 3 useful tips to employ dynamic QR codes to promote your business. Moreover, consumer is also obsessed by new means of exploring a business. The best QR code generator online is QRzebra as it’s easy to use and you can track your QR codes.