Now-a-days the App Store and the Google Play Store are flooded with numerous third- party messaging apps. These third- party messaging apps not just enable the users to chat with their friends and family but also allow them to share photos, videos, voice memos, emoticons and much more with them. The growing popularity of third party messaging apps has resulted in the launch of a new messaging app almost every week. Moreover, most of the third party messaging apps can be accessed totally free of cost that increases the difficulty of the users regarding which app to use from so many apps. In this article, we have briefly compared some of the most popular third party messaging apps namely WhatsApp, Kik, Viber and ReTXT which will definitely help you to choose the best suited app for yourself.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most used messaging apps today. Most of your friends must be already making use of this app, so you can connect with them very easily without convincing them to download it first. Moreover, you can make totally free of cost calls to your friends and family members who are also using WhatsApp Messenger. The users can also customize the chat background as per their preferences.

However, there are several areas where WhatsApp Messenger falls flat. It does not allow you to make video calls and also lacks strong encryption. In addition, you cannot make use of any special graphics. It just offers several emoticons to the users and restricts them to use only those emoticons. WhatsApp Messenger is best suited for those users who know that most of their contacts are on WhatsApp. It is a great messaging app that allows you to send texts and make even international calls to other WhatsApp users.


Kik offers the users with plenty of stuff that can be added to their plain boring messages such as icons, memes, stickers, doodles and much more. The users can make use of the search option in order to search image from within the app. After this, they can easily add those images to their chats or conversations. Moreover, the app also features an in-app browser that enables the users to search for other content.

However, it lacks some features that make it less handy for people. It does not include a contact and location- adding feature which is major drawback. The only way for adding contacts is making use of usernames that makes it quite difficult to search for contacts whose usernames are not known. Also, there is no calling option in the app. Kik messenger is handy for those users who like to have a good conversation with friends by adding plenty of fun stuff to their chats.


With Viber, you can make free of cost audio as well as video calls to other viber users. Video call is an added functionality in Viber that makes it quite handy. Moreover, you can make supreme quality video and audio calls even without using a Wi-Fi connection. Viber also offers original and high- quality emoticons to make your conversation more fun. It also includes numerous stickers that almost fit in every situations. Moreover, if you want some specific themed stickers then in that case you can buy more stickers.

However, Viber is not a much used app so you will not be able to chat with many of your contacts using viber. It also has a public chat feature that enables the user to look for subjects and enter any conversation but they could not take part in the conversation. Viber is basically handy for those people who want to make good quality audio and video calls internationally and that too free of cost.


ReTXT is a quite handy app that enables the user to edit even sent messages to fix bugs. The end-to-end encryption feature makes sure that only you and your recipient can access your messages. It also offers other commendable security features that extend a more private and secure virtual platform to the users.

The biggest failure of ReTXT is that it does not include any special graphics and emoticons. You can only make use of the emoticons that comes in your default keyboard. Moreover, this app is not known to many users. This app is best suited for those who make lot of mistakes while typing and also for those users who wish for a more secure messaging platform.


Although, all of these third- party messaging app are individually best in the areas and features they cover but keeping in mind all the basic requirements of a user, Viber is the best among all. Viber not only covers all the basic features like sending locations, photos, videos, stickers, emoticons etc but also lets you make good quality video and audio calls internationally.

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