This Is How to Use Skype for Business


Are you looking for ways to create more digital face to face appointments with your customers during the pandemic? Do you realize the importance of video calling your staff as much as possible? If so, then Skype can be an incredible tool.

Using Skype for business has several benefits. It is easy to use, allows you to build a more personal relationship than through phone calls, and so on.

While there are other options out there, there’s a reason that Skype is the leading brand name among video call platforms. Read below for how to use Skype for business and take advantage of its many tools.

What Is Skype for Business?

Many of you may not have realized that there are two different versions of Skype: traditional Skype and Skype for Business. 

As the name would imply, Skype for Business is mainly used as a way to support a larger company’s online business communication needs. That includes things like sharing files, voice calls, video conferences among up to 250 people, and so on.

It also has capabilities such as call recording, instant messaging, and whiteboard sharing to improve the quality of the meetings.

In other words, it’s everything your company could need. You’ll find it easier to communicate with clients and employees alike. No matter what feature you’re wanting to use, it’s as easy as pressing a button or two.

Set Up Meetings With Ease

Setting up business meetings has never been easier. Instead of leaving blank fields in the email invitation that leave the mind to wander, you can input a Skype for Business meeting for everyone to join in on.

This is especially easy for those of you using Microsoft Outlook as your email. Simply open the Calendar tab, then look for a button that says “New Skype Meeting”. You’ll notice this button has the Skype logo on it. 

Once you click that tab, you’ll be able to customize who you invite to the meeting, what the meeting is for, and when the meeting will be held. 

Microsoft Outlook is going to add a link within the invitation for both you and your email recipients to click on when the meeting is about to take place. 

This is almost as easy to use with Skype for Mac. However, instead of clicking the “New Skype Meeting” button, you’ll just create a meeting the standard way in Outlook. From there, go to “add online meeting”, which will add a Skype meeting link you can use.

More Security for Your Operations

Modern technology has made it possible for your brick-and-mortar store to expand beyond its physical limitations. You can use Skype for Business to host online meetings, do voice calls, and share files with your employees/customers.

However, as Spider-Man’s uncle once told him “with great power, comes great responsibility”. Microsoft takes that responsibility seriously and vows that all your company’s operations on Skype for Business are secured with an encryption.

You get to control the additions and removal of all your Skype for Business accounts, as well as limit certain features to only certain employees on a must-have basis.

It also gives you control over who controls what during meetings. For example, as the owner, you could make it so that only you have the power to video record the meeting or whiteboard share.

No matter what purpose you have for using Skype for Business, your company’s security is of the utmost priority.

Access to Many Helpful Shortcuts

What good is a business application if it can’t help you cut some time off the clock? While it might take some getting used to, Skype for Business has several shortcuts to prevent obnoxious clicking during a video call.

For example, in order to pause an audio conversation, you can hold down Control, shift, and the “H” button at the same time. This is perfect for those of you whose mic mute button doesn’t work (or if you don’t have one).

You can also quickly display or hide Skype for Business’s instant message window by holding down the control key and the “W” key at the same time. That way you can avoid distractions during a presentation, but also take questions from the crowd afterward.

Add Contacts to Skype for Business

Once you add your employees and all essential personnel into your Skype for Business database, they’re readily accessible to you. You can start a video chat with them at any given point in the day. Perfect for those of you with a high number of remote workers.

However, you can also use Skype for Business and set up contacts that are outside of your organization the same way you add people inside it.

Go to the Skype for Business interface and click on the “add a contact” button, which looks like a person with a plus sign beside the head, and add their information.

If you want to start a new group for which you’ll video chat often, choose the “create a new group” button. It’s as easy as adding in your contacts and emails of anyone not already on your contact list.

How to Use Skype for Business: Gain Access to All These Features

Now that you have seen how to use Skype for Business and all of its capabilities for your company, it’s time to add it to your business’s repertoire.

Be sure to take the time and teach your entire staff how to use it effectively. Skype for Business has a few tutorials, and there are some great “how-to” videos on Youtube for it as well.

Also, make sure to browse our website often for more articles on business applications, as well as many other helpful topics.