Throwing a Virtual corporate party during a Pandemic


In times of a pandemic, remote employees have difficulty connecting to their coworkers in the office. Virtual office parties are possible solutions to this issue, and they’re all the rage this year.

The benefits of virtual office parties is that remote employees and those in offices can mingle with each other. This also allows companies to reward remote staff members for all their hard work throughout the year

COVID-19 has been pushing for remote workers to get all the benefits that those in the office get. This includes getting back-to-back time off, separate sick days, and a better salary.

Virtual office parties are just another step in the right direction for this movement. Many companies are also using the virtual office party as a chance to reward employees for their years of service. In many cases, they’re doing this by including a night out at one of their favorite bars or restaurants free of charge.

What are the benefits of throwing a virtual office party? 

Aside from the above-mentioned benefits, there are many more reasons for companies to throw a virtual office party:

First, it allows you to reach out to new clients and employees. You can meet these new people on the same virtual platform as your old employees, creating a more convenient and productive working environment. It’s also much easier for you to keep track of everyone if they’re all in one place. 

Second, it helps you save some money. What more reason do you need to throw a virtual office party? Virtually everyone who attends will be getting free food and drinks. It’s a cheap way to show your appreciation for the hard work of each and every employee, especially since you can include other employees too.

Third, it helps you save on gas. Those who have been to virtual office parties know how much of a pain it is to travel from one country to another. By holding these parties at your office or online, everyone can travel back and forth from their own country and meet up with coworkers in an instant.

How do you throw a virtual work party?

There are several ways to throw a virtual office party. Some may prefer to use the same platforms used at real-life parties, like Facebook, Skype, and Twitter. If you need assistance setting up your event, there are many companies out there that can help with event management and virtual work party planning.

If you’re not sure how to host your party or what to do during the event itself, there are also companies out there that can help you with ideas for games and giveaways.

What do you do in a virtual party?

When throwing a virtual party, you may not exactly know what to do or what type of activities to host. Luckily, there are a few things you can try:

– You can start out with some friendly conversation. Those who attended last year’s party will likely be eager to talk about their experience. This is a great way for people to get out of their comfort zone and meet new people in the office. It also gives them an opportunity to network with one another and develop future relationships for business deals down the line.

– You can host some games for your employees. It’s always a great idea to get everyone working together. This is especially true in the case of remote employees who don’t have a chance to meet each other on a regular basis. Even if they’re not all in one place, there are several fun ways to bring everyone together for some friendly competition.

– You can host a giveaway for your biggest fans or your top performers. Those who are regularly in the office should also be rewarded for their hard work. After all, it’s not every day that you meet such loyal employees. It’s a good idea to reward them with some nice swag or some sort of special gift from your company.

What are some of the best virtual office party games? 

There are several games you can choose from when wanting to throw a virtual office party. Some of these include:

– Trivia games are a popular choice for most people. You can ask the employees questions about your company, which will give them a chance to learn more about you and how you run your business. This will also get them talking with one another and making new connections with each other.

– Charades is another popular choice for any virtual workplace party. This is a fun way for your employees to connect with each other. Who knows, you may even find the next big client or star employee in the group.

– Finally, you also have the option of having people talk about work while on their break in between meetings. This is a very casual way of getting everyone to know one another and build more connections as well. It only requires a little bit of thought and planning on your part.

Have fun

Virtual work parties are a great way to connect with your customers and employees on a personal level. It gives you an opportunity to buff up your social skills and meet new people in the business world.