The Internet is a powerful tool we use every day but, surprisingly enough, very few use it to its maximum potential. Your general Net user follows a handful of websites to keep up with news and entertainment. Yet, there are dozens of ways one could use the Web to improve their lives.

Beneficial uses include:

·  Data storage

·  Education

·  Business

… and many others (both free and paid).

It Starts with Good Service

The big telecoms have a firm grip on the Web.

They’ve positioned themselves (Comcast and Cox Communications) as monopolies in many areas thus eliminating competition and forcing people into their tiered plans. Unfortunately, we’re receiving a fraction of the potential services under the guise of high overhead and bandwidth issues.

The control of the Internet pipes is being disrupted.

Companies like Optimum are delivering incredible, reliable speeds bundled with customer favorites like Netflix, the NFL Network, HBO, and more. These companies are showing people how big monopolies, like Comcast, are throttling their potential when going online and being entertained.

A 100MBPS connection is ideal for a pleasant Internet experience. Those able to afford the higher-end, 400MBPS package will see incredible utility with their service for personal and business use.

Education and Career Outlook

Online courses have removed the financial and geographic barriers to higher education.

It’s increasingly common to secure a great career without having to spend tens of thousands on college tuition. Companies are now focusing on skillsets instead of the traditional list of educational establishments.

Websites like Udemy, MIT OpenCourseWare, and edX have thousands of classes across hundreds of interesting (applicable) topics. A high-speed connection enables online students to gain full access to the necessary streaming video, documents, and chats.

Security and Backup

Before, securing documents (bills, invoices, receipts) meant tediously maintaining on-site databases. The data was at liberty of mistakes and loss.

Today, we have receipt scanning apps, online accounting platforms, and payment gateways to manage all areas of our financial transactions.

These same banking systems, using advanced security features, are available for our privacy. Tools like antivirus software, encryption, and secure cloud storage make our data safe.

Worth tools to check out in this sphere include LifeLock, Dropbox, and Carbonite.


What apps are you using to talk with friends and family?

Most will use Facebook Messenger, Kik, and SnapChat whereas Skype and GoToMeeting remain strong contenders in the business space.

There are many, new options one can choose from outside of the usual selection:

·  Slack is an incredibly powerful group chat tool for business

·  Discord is perfect for small communities (especially in the gaming space)

·  Forums are still going strong and the big ones have decades of wonderful discussions

·  HelloTalk lets you chat and practice your language with people from all over the world

The Net is the ultimate communication tool. It has removed barriers between people and communities. Those willing to radiate from their immediate social circle will gain access to new cultures, languages, business opportunities, and friendship.


YouTube and Facebook account for a majority of online entertainment consumption. These two platforms have a wealth of original content but they’re typically downline. Meaning, what you find through these channels have likely circulated for some time before it reached the masses.

Improve the web experience by digging deeper:

·  Explore Reddit to talk about obscure topics, join communities, and stay up-to-date with news

·  Hold interesting (potentially life-changing) conversations on Tinder or OkCupid 

·  Starting a blog to share information, experiences, and build a community

·  Discover new music and up-and-coming artists using Songza or Gnoosic

·  Watching people stream video games on Twitch or Hitbox

Each of these channels will spark creativity. They reveal all characteristics of humanity from the bizarre to the professional. These interactions may lead you to discover something new about yourself — a characteristic or interest that may grow into a new career or lifestyle.

It Keeps Growing and Growing

It’s baffling to have such a wonderful tool as the Internet and squander what it has to offer. So few do more with it than scratch the surface. They’ve yet to reveal its full potential for entertainment, business, communication, and so much more.

You never know what neat resource or community you’ll uncover.

It’s impossible to discover it all — but it’s worth the try.