When a business startup starts operating, there are many costs which they have to bear and which can cripple a business, especially one with a tight budget. Apart from communication costs there are many other costs which a new business has to bear like supply costs, labor costs, production costs, research and development costs, to name a few. A new business owner often finds himself in a mess not being able to manage so many costs at the same time and on top of that when the communication costs keep surging without any reason; this becomes a state of ultimate desperation for the business owner.

Thanks to the advancements in internet and technology that there are several ways in which a business organization and an individual can save money on communication costs. Besides using prepaid calling cards from NobelCom, there are ways like email marketing, video conferencing and many more. Let’s check out the ways in which you can save money on your business communication costs.

#1: Email marketing

This is a surefire way of cutting down your communication costs by reducing your advertising services like brochures, newsletters and instead marketing your business via email marketing campaigns. This eliminates printing and shipping costs which amounts to a big save. Small businesses and startups have different email tools available which permit even the non-technical users to build a professional email for promoting a new product or announcing a rebate. Such email marketing tools offer a good deal of flexibility and functionality with different pre-designed templates.

#2: Social media and website

When you own a business, you have to handle customer queries and this is both costly and time-consuming. Social media and websites have changed the entire scene of handling customer queries. These online assets can be used as hubs for communication, thereby communicating with customers directly and other businesses. If you can stay regular on social media with your posts and updates, this can be a great way updating customers about your business.

#3: Video conference

Due to the ever-evolving technology, you will no longer require traveling through long distances to talk with suppliers, members, customers and other members of your business. There are different video conferencing options like Google Hangouts or Skype and they’re free of cost. Such video conferencing systems assist you with communication, saves money, time and resources and also curbs communication costs, thereby making chatting less of a hassle for the business owners and the employees.

#4: Smartphone apps

As long as affordable communication is involved, mobile apps is taking it a way ahead of others. As the processing speeds of smartphones are outshining that of personal computers, you have the convenience and potential to carry out majority of your business functions while you’re on the go. There are apps like WhatsApp which lets you receive and send files in different formats like image, text, audio and video. For more functions, there are various other mobile apps that you can download and install in your smartphone for purposes of communication.

#5: Fax through internet

One more communication cost that you can eliminate is the charge of long distance faxes, cartridge, paper and ink by shifting to fax via internet platform. You can receive and send faxes through your mail, store vital fax files to your computer and access fax documents from fax tool from anywhere you have internet access.

Therefore, being a startup, you needn’t worry about lowering your communication costs, now that you know the options which you can take resort to. Use any of the above mentioned communication tools mentioned above as per your convenience.