The world is going through changes with every passing day. Many unexpected things are happening around the world. And as the world changes, we will continue to face challenges of different levels and keep on finding ways to overcome them in the future. A crisis can occur at any moment. We will be able to predict some of them, like a business crisis, and some of them will be unpredictable and can occur abruptly, such as a natural disaster like an earthquake. The way we deal with them will define us as a leader.

In case of a natural disaster, we prepare ourselves by taking certain preventative measures to stay safe amid a crisis. In the world of business, during a crisis, we can pay attention to announcements and company procedures and follow them as much as we can to get through the business crisis unharmed. If you are someone who is looking for ways to become an effective leader amid any type of crisis, then this article will be helpful to you. There are certain skills that a person can follow to become a great leader, whether it be during a natural or a business crisis. Some of these skills are listed as follows;


If you want to become a leader who can easily get through any crisis, then you need to have situational and self-awareness. Self-awareness involves having a better understanding of ourselves and how we react to other people and our surroundings. While we need to have self-awareness, it is also important to be aware of our surroundings and react accordingly.

For example, when a business is going through a financial crisis, and you held a meeting to sort out such a crisis. There is a huge chance that your employees will be under stress due to the tough time. Everyone will try to speak at once, and there is a possibility that nothing constructive will come out of the meeting. This is where being aware of the environment comes into play. A good leader will be aware that things like this can happen, and to solve such an issue, he would delegate different responsibilities to his employees to avoid such chaos where everyone starts to speak at once. Such a skill is a basic requirement of becoming a leader. So to become a great leader and have awareness, one needs to be ready to put an effort. Getting an online leadership degree can also be one of the great options.

Act Quickly But Do Not Hurry Your Decisions

When a crisis strikes, everyone wants it to be over as soon as possible. It is highly unlikely that a quick solution is possible. At the end of the day, everything falls on the leader to address the situation and solve it accordingly. A good idea would be to speak to your employees during a business crisis without alarming them too much.

An effective and great leader is one that responds quickly but not hurries into making abrupt decisions without first gauging the magnitude of the situation. However, don’t take your sweet time. Be quick enough with your decision and take action on time to avoid your employees from getting nervous.

Strategise And Plan

One of the hallmarks of a great leader is the ability to strategize a plan and stick with it until the crisis is over. Of course, we cannot predict what might lie in the future, and we cannot have a strategy for everything. But having a plan and sticking to it with determination and dedication is a requirement. It will allow us to navigate through any hurdles that might be in front of us in the future. This is what makes a great leader.

For instance, If your business is going through a tough financial situation, where there is no possibility of financial operation. Then you can come up with a plan to raise some funds either through crowdfunding or through an investor. You might have some problems finding an investor that will invest in a dying business. However, your leadership skills will be under test at this point. You need to stick to your plan and keep finding an investor and not give up. As long as you are sincere to yourself and towards your business, you will achieve what you set out to achieve, no matter how long it takes.

Effective Communication

Great leaders are ones who communicate with their team with effectiveness to solve issues that may be plaguing their business. But, being effective involves some skills. Not everyone on your team will be the same. As a great leader, you have to understand how every member of your team communicates with you, and then you will have to explain to them whatever you want in a way that they can understand. Once you get a hold of this skill, you will be able to overcome any crisis that you may be facing.


We know that a crisis can happen from time to time, but it is how we deal with them, which will make us a great leader. Not everyone can do such a thing. Most people get nervous and give up very easily. It is all about being positive, even in the worst of times, and being dedicated enough to solve any type of situation, be it a financial crisis in a business, or even personal problems. Today, we have shared with you some tips that you need to become a great leader amid a crisis. So, it is a good idea that you consider them.