Token Rewarding Platforms for Content Writers


Never in the wildest dreams, the writers out there must have thought of earning in the form of digital currency! Credit goes to the transformation of the writing industry and technological advancements; it is now possible. Many platforms are built on the tokenization model, which helps them to build a good user base. By using such algorithms, the users are rewarded with tokens that are transferred in their respective wallets. These tokens can be redeemed either for fiat currency or to buy any products/services from their specified partners

Content creators or writers can showcase their work on such platforms and once it is approved they can enjoy the tokens in their wallets. The user wallet can work both ways either for the platform or the blockchain on which the product is built. Once you join such platforms, don’t forget to keep your passwords, ID, and other keys secure and backed up.


The nightmare of content writers is about to be over as Answerly has revolutionized the writing industry by introducing a website full of perks for them. It is a Q/A platform that works on a flawless algorithm that rewards its users for posting well-explained and correct answers to different questions. Not only writers but questioners can also gain rewards in the form of Answerly Tokens. These rewards are immediately added to their stellar wallet which can be exchanged easily and swiftly with low transaction fee. 

Unlike other Q/A platforms, Answerly has an integrated plagiarism checker that maintains the credibility of the answers as well as the website. Moreover, the writers can choose from numerous writing styles and draft their posts to publish later on. Lastly, Answerly has numerous categories to write on. So, if you are skilled in any particular niche, it’s time to make some money!


Even though Answerly is our top pick because of the features it provides, plus a friendly interface. Publish0x is not much behind. Why? Because here you can also earn cryptocurrency for blogging. Not only writers but readers can also earn Ethereum (ETH) on this platform. Imagine Medium, but with the perks of being paid! You can sign-up to be a reader, but to become a writer here you need to apply first. Once your application has been accepted, you can publish articles on any niche you like. Here you can earn through tips that the readers give to the authors. These rewards will be decided by the readers that are given the form of Bounty0x tokens. These tips are free of cost which are given from the Publish0x reward pool.

3.Brave Browser Application

Brave is an open-sourced web browser whose native currency is BAT (Basic Attention Token). On this platform, not only writers, but content creators can showcase their work. All they need to do is create and submit their channel. Be it YouTube, any website or Twitter handle any format works! Plus, unlike other browsers, the users can control data and stop unnecessary ads and they’ll be rewarded in this process. However, one must complete the “time” spent of the browser, so that every month the corresponding BAT is transferred to the wallet.


Not everyone enjoys tech-writing or has the skills to do so. But if you enjoy writing about computers and programming then Morioh is a great platform for you. Once you publish your tech-related articles, you can earn rewards in the form of a GEEK token. The basic purpose of Morioh’s creation was to help people who wish to learn about programming. In this way, experienced programmers and developers can share valuable information and earn GEEK tokens for their contributions in return.


One of its kind, SteemIt was the first platform that familiarized the general public to earn cryptocurrency by blogging. This platform is powered by the Steem blockchain and STEEM Dollars (SBD). It creates new tokens and adds them to the community reward pool. Similar to Answerly, people can earn SBD Tokens based on the number of votes the content receives. Writing original articles, reading, and sharing other’s content will help you earn more SBD Tokens.


Another decentralized application is Snac, which is one of the quickest rising platforms created over the blockchain. It similarly rewards the users like the above websites. Users can earn snac rewards for content creation. Be it writing, engaging with other posts, and building a strong community, you can earn tokens as a reward. The platform has an interface like Instagram and Pinterest but, it is a blockchain model of it. People can put pictures with multiple styles to earn Snac token rewards.

Final Thoughts

Blockchain technology is the future! And not only the public but businesses have started to realize it. This industry is growing at a fast pace; thus writers have also made their way into it. Previously, the influx of content writers seemed to be preoccupied. But, not anymore! Because the above–mentioned platforms are now up and running to solve money problems of all the content writers in the market.