What is  Tonye Amienyo App About?

In Ghost Buster, you are a ghost that must hunt other ghosts to survive. You have to be careful though as your ghost zapper, an EMP weapon for blasting ghosts draws on your ghost energy when fired. Hence, you have to aim properly and be careful when zapping ghosts. Your zapper can also zap ghosts behind walls. As a ghost, you can walk through walls to catch other ghosts, though you have to be careful, ghosts are toxic when you get too close to them, even through walls.

Why do we need Tonye Amienyo App?

This Tonye Amienyo  app is designed for a wide variety of android devices, and could form a great way to get traffic to your site if its selling points are picked on and highlighted.

Who is Tonye Amienyo App for?

It is designed for all ages of people.

What makes Tonye Amienyo stand out from Others?

It is an app designed in 3D, however, unlike other 3D games, is lightweight at just over 6 MB. It also can be played on a variety of android devices. If we put aside all the technicalities, the app is a third person shooter that provides a fast paced action setup, yet without the violence that third person shooters seem to portray, making it suitable for all ages of people.

What’s Next to Tonye Amienyo?

Modifications on the app will include a wider variety of ghost zappers with different features, and I plan to introduce more varieties of ghosts to make the app more fun.