Top 10 Growth Hacking Tools to boost your eCommerce Sales


Have you ever wondered how big companies became so successful in the business world? What strategies do they use to market their products or services?

Getting likes, followers and traffic to your website is of little use if the visitors are not interested in your product or service and there is no sale. Growth hacking tools can help you direct the right traffic to your website with actual sale conversions.

So, what is growth hacking and how can it help your business?

Growth hacking consists of both conventional and unconventional marketing strategies which are carried out across channels with the aim to promote a business. The key objective is to build, engage, convert and retain the user base of business.

The strategies of Growth Hacking are based on data-driven marketing funnel, the key metrics of the funnel are:

  • Acquisition- This stage refers to innovate ways customers find you and what are the best performing channels of your business.
  • Activation- The aim of this stage is to persuade customers to use your product or services.
  • Retention- Once you have established a customer base for your business, this stage helps to keep a low customer churn rate and retain as many customers as possible.
  • Referral- At this stage, the loyal customers start referring your product or service and invite other people to try the same product.
  • Revenue- Your business starts generating revenue because customers understand the value of your product and are willing to pay for it.

There are a lot of Growth Hacking Tools and apps that will help to execute your business and marketing strategy at every stage of growth hacking funnel. Let’s take a look at some cool tools that you must try to boost your business.

OptinMonster Exit-Intent

One of the best Growth hacking tools that detect when visitors are about to leave. You can grab their attention once again with an offer, message or a lead magnet. You can also create highly targeted personalized campaigns for your visitors.

Constant Contact

If you are new to email marketing, this tool is great for you, it also offers online training, has a resource library and also hosts local webinars. The tool also offers the best support which includes emails and live chat.

User Lane

It is also called the ‘navigation system of your software’, it shows its users the basics so that they get the hang of the tool as fast as possible. You can create an interactive onboarding guide that rewards the user with a checkmate when they complete a step, thus motivating them to stick around.

Google Analytics

If you want to check the impact of existing strategies on customers, Google analytics is the tool for you. You can understand the user flow, identify and remove obstacles that are preventing the customers from getting the most from your product.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

This tool helps you to attract and retain customers, this tool helps to analyze the headline to check its appeal. It also looks for power words, emotional and uncommon words that can enhance the website’s content.


It is important to retain customers and build better relationships with them, and Hubspot helps you do that. It has a free CRM software that integrates with your email provider, a lead management software and also a sales management software for email tracking and scheduling, meetings and reporting.


Reddit has hundreds of communities, thus making it an excellent place to find and talk to potential customers for free. You can share blogs and get an audience of a thousand potential customers.


Zoom is a webinar marketing tool that helps to run webinars for both new and existing customers. It is free for initial 40mins and up to 100 participants. You can use it for meetings and also record your webinar to use it as a lead generation tool later.


If you want to track the social shares and find influencers who have shared your content, this is the tool for you. You have access to information like page detail, domain authority and Twitter engagement. With this information, you can create a list of contacts and use it for influencer marketing campaign later.

 Pay with a Tweet

You can use this tool to get more people to share an offer, thus driving more social traffic. The basic version is free of cost but you will need to upgrade to a paid version to load ads and get access to the statistics. This tool is an excellent way to advertise your product and get more online visitors.

Growth Hacking is very important to startup activities, it focuses on accelerated growth first and then budget planning. The key is to find a tool that will help to grow the business.

The tools listed above will definitely help to drive growth for your business as you can define goals, implement analytics to track and optimize the marketing methodology.