The Internet is full of stories about freelancers who spend winters in Goa, Majorca or other more comfortable and pleasant countries and cities. And there are so many of us who would like to have the same experience, but there is always something doesn’t let you do it. Some of us are afraid to lose stable income, while others just don’t believe it is at all possible and the rest are mainly ready to start a new life, but maybe later, one day.

However, days are passing and no one is ready to accept challenge. But today is the best day! Nowadays we have so many options and opportunities we are going to tell you about – so you will hurry up to implement them immediately after reading, and the only thing you will do is to ask: why haven’t I done it earlier?

How to start your online business – the simplest ideas that work

Become a blogger

You are certainly an expert in something – you can share your ideas, skills and opinions with the audience all over the world. You can make money from posting related ads, making paid webinars, making online paid meetings with the expert from the area.

Start your business with ecommerce

Even strange hobbies can bring you money. If someone can make money for drawing cats, maybe you will earn something by selling the pictures your cat makes with his tail? Ecommerce is a convenient way to organize your business. Here you will track your stock, communication with customers, some accountancy and so on. Ads media elucidates  the complicated space of internet marketing

Sell books on Amazon

Here we are not talking about re-selling, but about writing stories by yourself. 100-300 pages for $2 sounds funny, but if you are really good at short storie s and you have several of them saved somewhere in the deep of folders – why not to try them to see public? One loading will change nothing for you, but what will you say if fifty people per month do it?

Write texts

Tons of websites are created on a daily basis and there should be somebody who will fill them in. If you are literate and diligent, you may start with topics you are good at and slowly shift to new areas. Besides having some money you will learn something new about this world.

Make translations

This point is following from the previous one. You can make translation for other people, translate books, make tapescripts and combine information in your native, or foreign, language from other websites.

Become an online teacher

Globalization and technologies development made it possible to study almost everything online. Those, who doubt should google the case of making surgery with the help of online consultation. People study languages, children need math teachers, adults want to understand how to cook – just think what you can do better than others and start.

Make your brand and sell its products

All creative options are available here making pictures, knitting, woodcarving – create your product and make a logo for it. If the product is good, your clients will tell others about you, while they will tell their friends and so on. You will have the audience doubled and earn money from your hobbies.

Sell photos

How many photos do you have in stock? If they are not so personal, why not to let them see the world. Professional equipment is not so expensive today. Sometimes companies are ready to buy pictures from smartphones if you use good camera.

The devil is not so black as it is painted

Technology growth even more variants than we have discussed. Internet has begot thousands of new professions for which your presence in the office is not obligatory at all. Changing routine is always stressful and challenging, but you can’t say it doesn’t work until you try.