Top 10 Reasons Why Businesses should use Bulk SMS

Are you or the one is known to you is in the world of business? Or do you own the business already? Want to long-growing business in this fast-paced world? Do you know the importance of bulk SMS in this fiercely competitive world? Do you know this can take you top? Yes, it is one of the old school tactics but can maximize your business. As the era of mobile phones increasing the bulk SMS can still be active. It can give wonders for your business by turning rock into gold.

What is new about bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is marketing the business product to numerous recipients at once. These can be used in various contexts for efficient marketing channels like

  • Text messaging marketing
  • SMS marketing, software and alerts
  • Bulk text

But everything falls into the same bucket. This SMS, when used with SMS marketing platform, boosts up your sales check for more SMS marketing tips. Bulk SMS provides a measurement that directly impacts the messages you sent. It is one of the cheaper methods of communicating than traditional forms compared to advertising or email.

Bulk SMS can be used to

  • Send reminders
  • Update customers with the latest trends
  • Communicate with the promotional offers or incentives
  • Have a tough competition
  • Offer customers free or discounted coupons

Of course, the uses of Bulk SMS are countless! you name it, they have it.

Advantages of having bulk SMS for your business

  • Immediate delivery of a message to the intended audience
  • Irrespective of location, and time, you can send bulk SMS to anyone, anywhere and at any time.
  • Messages can be reached online or offline.
  • The unread and read messages are stored in the inbox
  • The visibility of the bulk SMS is more compared to emails
  • As human beings are attached to souls, key and money. It is even applicable to mobile phones in the recent past
  • There will be an instantaneous response for the messages
  • Includes CTA’s and is cost-effective

Top 10 reasons for a business to have a bulk SMS marketing campaign

There is often a myth associated with bulk SMS that, it doesn’t work for the present digitalized world. They are dead now. Believe, bulk SMS is in-thing even today. Here are the 10 reasons why businesses have to implement a bulk SMS campaign successfully and effectively.

1.A quicker way of communicating

To initiate the process of bulk SMS, all you need is a WiFi, mobile data or a system. In a few minutes, the SMS will be displayed in the people’s device. Within no time you will receive the response. This is very trustworthy and reliable. Telecom operators are mediators between the business and the customers. so there will be no interruptions.

  1. Targeted audience

Sending bulk SMS is not a difficult job or an uphill task. Imagine you and your business being in the hands of school going, children. They are adept to it and spread word-of-mouth by just receiving your message. It is highly advantageous in contrast to email marketing. A personalized bulk message can be sent across to various groups of audience. This is very efficient in every marketing campaign.

  1. High response

The motivation behind sending and receiving the bulk SMS is its shortness and crispiness. The word count is less compared to that of emails. According to the survey, 90% of text messages have a click-through rate. Among this 90%,  50% of the messages have clicktivism. The response time is also low in contrast with emails. Now the choice is yours whether to go for it or not.

  1. Say no to spam filters

There are chances of emails hitting the spam folders. But in bulk SMS it is rare to cut the corners. You can be relaxed by relying on bulk SMS that it can be reached to the targeted users. You know why emails have a low response has a spam folder, every unwanted mail of the customers goes into that. This is the primary reason for it. Expect the mobiles which are on do not disturb mode, every message surely reaches the users. Adopt this technique and have a stroke of good luck!

  1. Retain the appreciation of the customers

Coming to an email, customers always think of staying or not to stay. Not any more with the text messages. If there are informational messages backed by creativity, the offers will be on your side. With these services on hand, you cling to the existing and new users. Allure the customers with the right offers. Make them feel privileged with all the best deals. Users always show high value to the businesses who bulk SMS services. They find it as simple as ABC to click through and understand the offer.

  1. Increased mobile users

Business is like a running race. It has to adapt itself to the growing demand in the market. Nowadays mobiles have become the in-thing for every consumer. There are even dual SIM mobiles. As a marketer, it is essential to find each opportunity to showcase your product or services. With the increase in mobile users, there is a possibility of reaching a wider audience. This can ease in generating more leads with every increase in sale.  By seeing this we can say that SMS is not at all dead. It just like an old cup with a new shape.

     7.Increased sales

Bulk SMS is just like a cake. As soon as you love the cake you want to grab it. In the same way, customers get attracted to the creative bulk SMS. This assures in increased sales. Promotion of the services, products, can be like a cake walk. Fabricate your business deals with the bulk SMS which are very useful.

    8.Stay in contact with the customers

Businesses keep on moving with new offers, opening doors for the customers. With every new door opened customers are curious to know what’s there to offer them. Send the updates regularly by flaunting your customers with promotional offers, product launch and more. When this is done, customers will be more attentive to learn more about your company. Bulk SMS maximizes the sales and brings-in brand value. By sending periodical messages your audience will stay connected in the journey you make.

  1. Integrate CTA’S

Call-to-action is ubiquitous for every business. This is how the value of the business can be recognized for your bulk SMS’s. CTA’s are like the signpost which informs the customers about the next step. These can indicate how the customers should take action after reading the message.

Wondering what to integrate with CTA’s

  • Requesting for a quick review or feedback
  • Rating your product or service
  • Conducting online contests
  • Linking with social media accounts
  1. Increases general productivity

With the increased in competition, it is very vital for the business to stand out. It is also mandatory to implement the marketing strategies and remain top among the clutter. It can be achieved only through bulk SMS. It saves time and can be agile compared to other channels. Possibly, a little time can be allocated on this facet and devote more time to other rewarding aspects. This makes to increase general productivity.


To cut a long story short, bulk SMS is like the best of both worlds. To the business to attract the customers and to the customers for updating themselves with the new products or services. It reminds you of a perfect storm. These can bring-in the ultimatum by maximizing the value of your business. These can suffice your aim and goals with an affordable cost incurred.