Owning a website is like opening a door and inviting ideal customers into your small business. Having a website will interact with business prospects and potential customers every day.

Being ‘present online’ is essential for every business. Today’s internet is a world away from traditional marketing. If your small business is not online. How do you stay up to date with market trends? track competitors? how do your consumers notice you? There may be a possibility of losing out on great opportunities for your small business.

Nowadays website building is simple, it does not require much money and effort. No need to worry about coding and website designing. Your website is not restricted to business running hours.

Building a website is not about advertising your products or services. It’s all about contributing value to your potential customers.

There are a lot many things you can do with a professional website. Following are the top 10 points:

  1. A professional website satisfies customer expectations:

Most customers do research about the product before they make a purchase. As per market research, seven out of ten customers expect small business to publish their content online. Content – products, services, company information, etc.

Customers don’t require complicated information about product or service. A good collection of simple pages are enough. Also, a web page should consist of primary information that’s tailored to customers needs. On top of it, a web page should be specific and up-to-date.

Rules to exceed customer’s expectations:

    • Build trust – Offer free videos, tips, etc.
    • Make it simple – Provide short and visual content
    • Change the process, i.e try to change prices frequently
    • Follow customers after the sale
    • Give a flexible policy
  • Surprise them with fast delivery or adding a gift with their purchase.
  1. A website increases brand awareness 24/7

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is the standard to which a customer is familiar with your brand. Provide basic information about the features of products or service your offer on your website.

These three most common elements included in improving brand awareness

    • Building customer’s awareness
    • Advertising your website and social media pages
  • Appending value to your industry         

Your website and social media profiles are accessible round the clock for everyone. A website can reach millions of people per month. It’s important for a business owner to maintain quality content when posting on social profiles or blog posting.

  1. Advertise your products and services

You can promote your products and services at a specific product page. Product page may be the most important web page on your website. At the point, the customer decides whether to buy the product or not.

    • Clear information – benefits of products, include features and highlight the differences
    • Including social proof into your product or service web page
    • Tell me and show me – If you’re selling a mobile, create a demo in action.
    • Attach with a quality image of a product
  • Invest in the writing

Quality content is especially important for product and service page.

You can also provide video tutorials, PDF instruction downloadable for greater customer’s experience.

  1. Get listed on search engines

Search engine ranking is a world of myths. There are about 12 search engines that matter – Google, SN, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Build your website by incorporating SEO techniques. Your website can quickly be discovered by people searching for appropriate keywords.

Getting listed on the search engine can be an effective gateway to expanding your small business.

  1. A website is cost-effective than a traditional advertisement

A website is a cost-effective marketing tool commonly used by small, medium and large scale organizations. They offer a better ROI than other advertising techniques.

No technical knowledge is required. All you need to drag and drop photos and content into a template.

  1. A website provides social proof

Social proof is a marketing context is a piece of evidence that many other people have already purchased product or service offered by your small business. Most people are most expected to buy a product or service which other people purchased before. Therefore, social proof is a great way to increase conversion rate.

Benefits of social proof are:

    • Bandwagon effect
    • A verified and effective tactic
  • Convey trust and authority

As per the survey, 90% of customers claim that product and service reviews impact their purchase decisions. There are many online host review sites such as FourSquare, Yelp, etc.

  1. Your competitors own websites

Basically, customers start their purchasing journey with in-depth research and standard recommendation from social network connections.

Once the customers get an opinion of what product or service they want. They begin researching about the product or service. As per research, 72% of them go online to find reviews, customer testimonials, etc.

You need to give a tough competition for your competitors in order to win the race. If you’re not staying competitive with your competition in the market. You are giving a reason for customers to shop from another brand.

  1. Improves customer service

Providing flexible customer service on your website is a great approach to avoid paying telephone bills and labour costs. Make customers super happy by offering amazing customer support.

Build a page for frequently asked questions on your website.

FAQ webpage is a well documented best tradition on your website. FAQ pages are usually effective for customers and business prospects.

Tips for your website FAQs:

    • Make them searchable
    • Keep them updated
  • Keep answers brief and instructive
  1. Avoid open and closed sign business hours

Business hours are the hours in which business runs during the day. These business hours can work for offline stores. Taking a website into consideration, things will be different. A website should not have limited hours.

Nobody wants to work at 3:30 PM, at that time but most people like to do shopping online.

Having a business website means that you can sell products or services anytime and anywhere. There should be no specific hours like 9 AM to 5 PM. By giving customers to browse and purchase anytime will increase the revenue of your business.

  1. Attract new customers

A professional website has the potentials to attract new customer. As customers surf online, they will have access to purchase products. Some consumers are only interested to know about the information of the product or service.

You may discover prospects at many levels during the sales process. That means you may find – product comparers, buyers or researchers. Make sure your website has an offer for all of them.

A website is an excellent source of advertising your products or services for free.