Top 10 ways to boost your Wi-Fi


Wi-Fi is considered as one of the most critical developments in the evolution of the internet. No one wants to be chained to a desktop. It is also irritating and frustrating. If you’re suffering slow speed internet, bad reception, and other Wi-Fi issues, then there is no need to be worry because the wifi signal booster is here for you. Here is the description of the top ten tips to boost the internet connection.

Update your router’s software

Updates are considered as very crucial for everything from your computer to installing software and applications. You must update at least once every three months. There are two main advantages to update the router’s software. First of all, you will be able to take great advantage of all the new improvements and features of the new version. Secondly, your system will be updated with security programs.

You must have the option to check, review, download, and install your router’s new firmware on its administration page. Moreover, it is essential to keep in mind that router firmware updates require a restart.

Look for interferences

The next important thing is that you should select the channel of your router. Especially when you are using 2.4GHz frequency. People install many apps for this purpose and help you where your router stands. So if there is a need, you can also switch it manually. In this way, you can get to know how that how to change the channels, and it directly depends on the model of the router.

Check your security

To protect your network from unauthorized bandwidth usage, which can also slow down your system without your knowledge.  It is considered significant security and easy way to boost the speed of internet connection.

If your network is open or using WEP, then it is crucial to change the settings of the security immediately as we know that public interface is easy to access for everyone. Everyone can steal your Wi-Fi and hack it.

Change location

Another critical factor that directly affects your Wi-Fi network’s connectivity is its physical location. If your signals are dropping in individual rooms in your home, then it is essential to relocate your router to solve your connectivity woes.

It is also a good idea to keep it elevated and free from any physical obstructions like furniture and appliances. Moreover, you should also avoid reflective surfaces like glass, mirrors, and metal. These materials can cause a hindrance to the connection of the internet.

Especially, walls made up of concrete can also degrade your Wi-Fi signals. That’s why it is important to remember that the antenna of your Wi-Fi must go every direction smoothly.

Choose the right band

As we know that Wi-Fi bands are not created equal. If you have a newer router, it is essential to check to see if it supports the 5GHz group. As newer routers usually have the tri-band capability.

When you enable these bands, you can keep older devices that only support the slower G specification on the 2.4GHz band. Mixed-mode routers usually are more leisurely, and there is evidence that an AC router will slow down to G/B speeds when a G/B only device connects to it.

Reboot your router

It is essential to know that Sometimes, Wi-Fi problems aren’t about the signal strength or coverage. If you are suffering from this trouble connection or the internet connection has slowed down. In this case, rebooting your cable or DSL modem and router can be very helpful.

It is suggested to unplug both gadgets for 15 seconds, then plug in the modem first and wait for it. In this way, you can fix this problem quickly.

Replace Your Antenna

If your router uses an internal antenna, the addition of an external one can be a good idea. As the latter tends to send a stronger signal, your router may have come with antennas you can add on yourself.

Set Up a Wireless Range Extender

Distance is considered as one of the more prominent problems in internet connection. As there is a specific optimal range that the wireless signal can travel.

Controlling the applications and clients

If you are using bandwidth, a hungry form must know that it will lessen the downloading and uploading speed. The latest technology routers offer an excellent support service, which is named as QoS, this service allows you to limit the specific applications and helps in defining the client’s usage.