Top 10 WordPress Plugins for 2017

WordPress plugins are one of the most essential parts of running a site off of this famous blogging platform. There are tons of choose from in the WordPress market-place, so it can be tough to even figure out where to begin. Well, in 2017, there are some awesome plugins that you’re really missing out on if you don’t download them and make them part of your site. Keep reading down below, where we’re going to take a look at the top ten plugins that you should install in 2017.

  1. Jetpack

If you don’t have Jetpack as part of your WordPress site, then you’re just missing out. This powerful plugin was created by the creators of WordPress themselves, so you know it’s the best of the best. Jetpack is going to help take care of your site’s security, performance, the growth of your traffic, optimization, and so much more. It’s basically a huge package full of features that’s going to boost your site’s performance and bring you closer to success.

  1. Akismet

Next up, we have another plugin that was developed by the team that helped to create WordPress – Akismet. This one is going to come with every new WordPress installation, so chances are you already have this one installed. This plugin is an anti-spam software that’s going to filter out spammy comments on your content, which is something that none of us want to deal with. This is just a common-sense plugin to have if you want to increase the security of your site.

  1. Yoast SEO

Even though there are more and more ways for people to discover your website every day, the number one source of your traffic is still going to be through search engines. That’s where Yoast SEO comes in – one of the most popular plugins for any successful WordPress site. Yoast SEO is going to guide you through making sure that any post you create is ready for SEO and will get indexed highly on search engines. This plugin is integrated directly into your post creation, so it’s super easy to use!

  1. Google XML Sitemaps

This next plugin is one that you’ve got to use if you want to increase your chances of getting indexed highly in search engines. The Google XML Sitemaps plugin is going to create a sitemap for you so that search engines can more easily find your site. This is a super easy one to use because you basically don’t have to do anything else except for install and activate the plugin!

  1. All in One Rich Snippets

On some search results on Google and other search engines, you may have noticed that certain sites have extra features on them like star ratings and images. These are called rich snippets – extra pieces of information that are featured on search results. This plugin is going to help create these rich snippets for you and improve your traffic results from search engines. Nothing says “check out this website” more than these snippets.

  1. W3 Total Cache

Caching is probably one of the best ways to get your site performing at a higher level. In a nutshell, caching is when a website stores the data from a user, so that the site loads faster whenever the user visits the site again. In order to get this caching working on your site, you’ve got to install a plugin like W3 Total Cache.

  1. WP Smush

We all know that images are one of the major factors that keep viewers on your site or get them to subscribe to your product or service. Pictures speak a thousand words, after all! However, if you have a lot of images on your site, they can take a bit to load. That’s where WP Smush comes into play – this plugin will compress your images automatically so that they load faster on your site!

  1. WP-Optimize

Lastly, we have a plugin that’s going to help optimize your WordPress site overall. It’s going to remove unnecessary data and help to improve the performance of your site. It’s just an easy one to get and use!

There you have it. These are the top WordPress plugins that you’re missing out on and need to get installed on your site in 2017. Which ones are you going to go for?