Top 5 Emerging IoT Trends That May Shape Your Future


Welcome to the Golden Age of Technology – where happening tech-evolutions have become a norm. Since the advent of internet, new and improved technologies have emerged time and again replacing old ones to revamp human life on Earth. Laptops replaced desktops, smartphones took over corded phones and everything from cars to homes to industries went through a technological makeover as AI and automation slowly crept into the lives of earthlings’ and even gave rise to the age of The Internet of Things (IoT).

What is IoT?

IoT points out to numerous tangible devices that are now efficiently internet-enabled and can send and receive humongous amounts of data via the internet. The worldwide availability of reliable wireless networks and affordable computer chips in the 21st century has made it super easy to revamp everything from an air-conditioner to an airplane into a fragment of the IoT.

Linking all ordinary devices to the internet and enhancing their abilities by attaching sensors to them makes them digitally intelligent and extraordinarily useful as it allows them to transmit real-time data without any human interference. 

The best part about IoT is that it can transform almost every other internet-enabled physical device or tool that can be operated via the internet to perform tasks or relay information. Nowadays, everything that can be controlled using a smartphone app from home bulbs, appliances and security systems such as a CCTV camera or doorbell to driverless cars, trucks or jets, every single thing an IoT device.

Since the 1990s, the IoT has been gradually modernizing the industrial as well as the consumer side of the world by enchanting the goodies of the physical world with the magic of digital hippity hoppity called the IoT to make life advanced and easier for humans more than ever. 

The Future and IoT

Technology is evolving incessantly. Since the IoT market is expected to double by 2021 and reach a whopping $520 billion, IoT trends have become one of the hottest buzz words in the world of IT as it’s something that needs to be kept pace with to stay updated and zestful in today’s high-tech world. 

If you want to keep yourself up to speed with the constantly transforming IoT trends then keep reading to get an insight on the top emerging IoT trends that are most likely to influence the future. 

Future of Blockchain Technology and IoT 

Blockchain technology allows individuals and businesses to make swift financial transactions on a network without the presence of any middleman. Blockchain allows users to make completely safe transactions that are free of any malicious cyber thefts as they are backed with well-built computer codes that ensure 100% authenticity of transaction records that are free of any alterations. 

Blockchain is one of the most prominent IoT trends as of today and is expected to become extensively common amongst financial and governmental institutions, businesses, consumers and various industries in the upcoming years once it allows the exchange of money and data between the IoT devices through providing a simple infrastructure. 

IoT and blockchain paired with digital signatures and private keys ensure utmost anonymity and protection to numerous networks and the people who own them. This trend will bring massive changes in the field of IT and promote its advanced implementation to build new and improved tech-gadgets in the future. 

Software As a Service – A Norm

In the world of IoT app trends, SaaS is one of the most-talked-about topics of discussion. SaaS is a service model that allows a service provider to host the desired app and makes it available to the internet so that customers can use it. This aids businesses to outsource their IT software applications and gives them a market platform to promote their product. 

SaaS has become a favorable choice, especially for the IT gaming sector as it is cost-effective and convenient. The emergence of SaaS has made massive contributions to the world of IT and it is expected to continue doing so in the future, making lives better and easier than ever. 

IoT and Advanced Management

Talking about emerging IoT trends without speaking of Artificial Intelligence is out of question. Most of the industries are gradually moving towards the combined application of IoT, blockchain and AI to revamp their activities and processes. 

The rapidly growing data is surely one of the greatest factors that bring about changes in all sectors, especially most of the changing IoT trends in industries since IoT is all about gathering as much data as possible to enable users to take appropriate decisions based on the analyzed information. IoT efforts paired with advanced data analytics topped with AI support and Machine Learning algorithms will help a user in making the most dependable predictions in the future. 

5th Generation Networks 

5G networks in 2020 and beyond will continue to be utilized across various parts of the global village including the industries, which will give rise to the availability and usage of IoT devices in the upcoming years. The IoT and 5G are the torchbearers of the fourth industrial revolution that is still going on, but in the future they both will combine to bring an epic tech-transformation and turn the world around. 

The 5G of mobile technologies is becoming a happening thing today and aims to give a faster and more reliable connectivity in the future. Since competitive providers such as the AT&T Internet Service have already started revamping their infrastructure to make 5G vastly common, the overall industries are encouraged more than ever to upgrade their production and business processes. 

IoT paired 5G is extensively creating an infrastructure for smart devices such as smartphones as well as apparel, medical equipment, and transportation. The 5G fueled IoT will lead to the establishment of smart cities, connected transport networks, revamp the medical sector and boost the manufacturing businesses. A fully connected ecosystem powered by intelligent sensors and gadgets will surely give a new shape to the future. 

The Emergence of Smart Cities

The IoT is not chained to any particular gadgets, distance or environmental factors but can be applied to numerous sectors in almost all fields.

In the old times, many states took advantage of data analysis tools, but today IoT trends are expected to make way for the vision of smart cities where every task will be automated and powered by IoT including streetlights, traffic and law and order stability to fight potential street crimes and accidents. 

IoT will pave the path for sustainable development of cities that will make it easier to transmit data between all the citizens and public and private sectors of the economy making life more convenient and hassle-free for everyone in the economy. 


Heading into the vibrant future, emerging trends in IoT will continue to bring booming improvements and advancements in the future by combining the supernatural power of IoT with other trends. Touchwood! We are likely to see these to 5 upcoming trends in the IoT and many others that will give birth to extraordinary smart cities and larger than life tech-experience for all of the human existence.