A Terms and Conditions agreement can also be referred to as a Terms of Use agreement or a Terms of Service. It is mainly composed of a laid down regulations which must be adhered to by either business people or visitors to a website. In website usage, Terms of Use is referred to as Terms of service, Terms and conditions or Disclaimer.

Also, in business, it is important to have written terms and conditions in place. This forms the first legal document that business people must have in place when starting a business. Here, the business owner aliases with a specialist commercial lawyer so as to discuss what the business does, the crucial activities within the business and the business’ typical customers.

It is then the duty of the lawyer to draft a set of terms that must be followed in every future business processes. This ensures protection of your business.

To find out why you need Terms and Conditions, read below.

  1. A business with written Terms and conditions experiences minimal legal disputes and chances of being arraigned in court.

If your business has standard written terms and conditions covering every important aspect of your provision of products and services, the possibilities of facing a legal dispute is minimal. This is because your lawyer will defend you on the basis that the terms are clear on the matter and your complainant or your customer will have minimal chances of winning if they take the matter to the court. In fact, there are fewer chances of being taken to court.

  1. Avoidance of abuses

Since a Terms and Conditions is a set of regulations which act as a legally binding contract between you and your website users, a user found abusing your website is likely to be banned temporarily. The users of your website must agree and follow the set of rules and guidelines so as to use and access your site.

  1. It’s easy to enforce your agreement

As a business person, having clear terms and conditions, will be clear where a client has breached the contract. In fact, a written contract is easier to enforce if you want to take your case to court especially if your customers fail to pay for your goods and services.

  1. Terms and Conditions enables you to own your own content

Everything that is on your website is owned by you. This could include logos and other features that are on your website. With terms and conditions in place, users of your website are able to know that the content they create is theirs.

  1. Terminate Accounts.

This is a crucial clause in your terms and conditions whereby you can inform your users that abuse accounts will be terminated and banned from using your site. The clause is known as the termination clause. This clause mostly applies to websites that contain a registration section within your website, where users are required to reregister before accessing certain areas of your site.


Terms and Conditions is a crucial aspect that guides your customers if you own a business or if you own a website. Having terms and conditions in place, you can enjoy the above mentioned issues and many more others.