TOP-5: The Best Encrypted Chat Of This Year


Sending an instant message, voice record, or video call – life in 2019 is unimaginable without communication apps. But are you sure that the data you exchange remain confidential? The issue is mainstream messengers, like WhatsApp, Telegram, and analogs, never encrypt information by default, which caused numerous security breaches this year.

How to choose an encrypted chat you can rely on and bypass data leakage? Explore the five tried and tested instant messenger and start secure communication!

Hot-5: Encrypted chat of 2019

Use this list to level up web security and to avoid unwanted tracking.

#1 uMessenger

uMessenger is an opt-in chat of Utopia P2P encrypted environment.  The platform comprises a toolkit of mailing service, browser, financial center, and tool for cloud mining. Why is uMessenger, being a new product, winning over numerous audience so fast?

  • The encryption is forward-looking. uMessenger is based on Elliptic Curve 25519 and 256-bit AES, which is the most advanced algorithms available to people.
  • It is anonymous. This messenger is never asking your name, phone number, email, and other private info. A unique code identifies your persona.
  • It is decentralized. No central server means less potential for hacking, sided intrusions as the data passes between a sender and a recipient exclusively.
  • Users gain crypto. You only need to activate the Mining bot, and rewards fulfill your balance every 15 minutes.

The messenger engages users with multi-player games and funny stickers. Surely highly recommended!

#2 Signal

Signal introduced a pioneering algorithm that was later added to other communication apps. This mechanism encrypts the data a user exchanges in texts, voice, and video messages.

Considering the fact several messengers are Signal-like, there is still a possibility that a security breach happens so that we advise you to chat in a private or incognito mode. Group conversations on Singal are also encoded, and the messenger is decentralized, although Signal doesn’t promise anonymity because you are to connect the phone number to use the app. If anonymity is a crucial point, read the next passage.

#3 Dust

Dust is a forward-looking encrypted chat room that issues local crypto coins and shares with users. Dusters capitalize when they exchange genuine content that assists other users. At the same time, this instant messenger charges a fee for the guidelines violations, namely, the price of the domestic token raises. The bonuses and interactions are making Dust not just a chatting space but an engaging community.

The data exchange is very Snapchat-like since the messages disappear as soon as they are expired in 24 hours. But the most appealing feature is that Dust is an app-agnostic messenger. This point means that a user can keep in touch with friends who are running other messengers. Also, you will be notified if someone’s taking a dialog screenshot in-app.

#4 Threema

Threema is a P2P chatting room that is ready to use desktop and mobile.  Your personality remains hidden as you won’t mention your ID and don’t need to attach a phone number. Threema encrypts dialogs, group discussions, and calls by design.

Threema developers guarantee that the app never invades users’ privacy. The messenger won’t monitor the content of your messages, information on the device, and IP. Mind that a text and attachments vanish as long as the receiver views it once.

Undoubtedly, the chat room is exclusively comfortable for Mozilla users since the desktop version can be integrated into the browser. You can synchronize apps using a QR-code. Install, and enjoy it!


E-chat, as it goes from its name, is an Ethereum-based messenger. The platform issues local coins in which users commit domestic operations. Plus, the opt-in crypto wallet allows you to transfer other than local coins across the platform.

This messenger scores for the rare option to handle voice group discussions. The conversation can involve up to ten people and function as a voice, either a video call. Plus, E-chat conducts content generation along with communication. Bloggers add news and media to the platforms in exchange for the local ECHTs. Also, users can share Insta-like disappearing Moments. You can encourage users with coins for the content you like the most – a way better than likes!

All in all, the encrypted chat rooms observed in this review deserve downloading thanks to robust functions, anonymity, and safety. No matter you install a P2P all-in-one toolkit or a single encrypted messenger, your data and location are confidential and unseen! Download and stay protected.