Top 5 things start-ups should outsource


Outsourcing can save organisations plenty of money. Statistically, as a start-up, your chances of going bust are very high in the first few years. However, do not let such statistics scare you. You can make use of many tips to ensure that your start-up becomes a successful organization for the future.

You can read many essays on the benefits of outsourcing some of the functions of your organization at essay writers services. In this article, we will be focusing more on what functions of your organization you can outsource without sacrificing the quality that someone in your home country would bring.

Content Marketing

Marketing is one of the easiest aspects to outsource without sacrificing too much on the quality. Your marketing department will incur a significant cost to your organization and you can reduce this overhead cost greatly. The great aspect of content marketing is the fact that it can all be done online.

Content marketing is usually done online to generate leads and garner interest in prospective customers. This means either through social media, SEO writing or online agencies. These can all be delegated to a freelance writer online who will cost you significantly less than having a whole marketing team at your start up. Outsourcing content marketing is one of the biggest outsourcing potentials that start-ups often overlook. Paper writing companies are the best to ask for help regarding content marketing.


Not many people are experts at multitasking. In fact, it is estimated that the global economy loses $400 billion due to inefficiencies incurred by multitasking. It can be a pain to handle your finances yourself all the while trying to keep on top of a flourishing start-up company. This can take a serious toil on your productivity and ability to allow your start-up to continue flourishing.

This is one of the main reasons why you should outsource your bookkeeping. You will no longer need to deal with the stresses of dealing with your finances, as they will all be handled by your bookkeeper. Most studies suggest that outsourcing bookkeeping is highly beneficial.


The reasons for outsourcing payroll are very similar to the reasons why you should outsource your bookkeeping. Payroll can be extremely complex and there are many laws and regulations to be adhered to that someone without experience in the role will be inadequate to deal with. For example, in 2014, the IRS levied more than $2 billion in fines against small businesses as a result of mistakes.

Unless you have payroll experience, it is best to outsource this function of your start-up. There are many companies that you can use to ensure that your payroll function is performing how it should be and is complying with all laws and regulations.

Conversion Optimization

Converting potential customer is a vital function of any organization. However, it is also one of the easiest outsourcing functions that can save start-ups vital cash that they can invest elsewhere. Nowadays, most businesses operate leads through the online world, which makes it easier to outsource this function, as the person working on this part of the business will usually be working online most of the time.

There are many freelancers you can hire for conversion optimization, but there are also many agencies like WritingJobz that can help you in regards to this. We highly suggest that you look around for the best agency that has reviews from past customers that are happy with the service they received.


As a new start-up owner, it is very easy to become bogged down by the admin side of things. This means that you are not able to spend the vital time on the core aspects of your business that will ensure that you survive and grow. This is why it is a very good idea to hire a virtual assistant online who will take care of the administrative side of things.

As you can see, as a start-up, it is possible to save on large costs by outsourcing many of the functions of your business. Research suggests that outsourcing can be great for American companies. You can also greatly improve the quality of some of your functions by getting experts in the field to take care of them.