In today’s world, cell phones have become a very important thing that everyone should have one always.  According to studies, the number of cell phones is more than the US population. With incredible in-built features, cell phones have been seen to be more useful in various situations.

If you still don’t know why having a cell phone is important, then read below to know the reasons why you should have a cell phone.

  1. A cell phone can help you to figure out your exact location especially when you are lost.

To stay away from getting lost, you can use your phone’s GPS receiver to help you figure out your location and point you in the right location. There are some GPS applications that make it easier to track a GPS enabled cell phone. Such cell phones with fitted GPS abilities may contain premium services like voice-guided bearings. For cell phone users who know how to track a cell phone, it becomes easier to find out a person’s location by using their phone tracker to identify the exact location of the one who is lost.

  1. Text messaging

A Cell phones makes it easier to send and receive messages. Have you ever spent your time in a place where people are restricted from talking loudly on their phones? Such areas like libraries, offices, and movie theaters are a no-talking-loud zone, therefore; you can use your cell phone to send text messages as a means of communicating.

  1. Banking

Banks have introduced online banking services whereby you can perform all your banking transactions including transferring and withdrawing money from the comfort of your home or in any location that you are.  You can download your bank’s mobile application in your cell phone and use the application to do all your banking activities wherever you are.

  1. Entertainment

Handy devices like cell phones allow you to enjoy entertainment on the fly.  They offer you the freedom to play games and you can be playing music on installed MP3 players as you play your games. You can also use your cell phone to take pictures on your fitted digital camera.

  1. Tragedies

Have you ever had a car breakdown in the middle of nowhere? The experience can be frustrating especially when you don’t have a cell phone to call for help. This is just one example where a cell phone can help in emergencies but there are numerous emergencies that you can encounter.

  1. Business

On business matters, a cell phone makes you reachable by your boss at any time that they need you. A cell phone offers an incredible way of staying connected to your boss and other workmates.

  1. Medical reasons

A cell phone can act like a little medical device especially when you are sick. Your doctor can be using a cell phone to remind you to take your medication or can send you the weekly instructions about what categories of foods you can eat and which foods you can avoid by sending you messages on a daily or weekly basis.


However, it is more important to know that using a cell phone in the wrong way is as good as not buying one.

Therefore, it is important to use your cell phone in the right manner. When you use it wisely, it will be a beneficial device to you.