Top Messengers With Encrypted Chat Function


What about you have a messenger where all the chats are encrypted by default and which allow you to stay incognito on the Web?

There is nothing more pleasant than communicating online and realizing that nobody is watching you, and nobody will ever hack your account and share your personal photos, documents, and messaging content with the whole world… or use it against you.

Protecting your rights for privacy is worth it. That’s why we have gathered the top 6 encrypted messengers for you to use daily.

Top 6 IMs with encrypted chat feature


Utopia made a splash a couple of months ago when it was first introduced to the mass public. Not without reason. It is a decentralized P2P ecosystem which supports instant encrypted messages exchange in addition to the huge range of other functionality:

  • Encrypted email
  • Secure e-wallet (own cryptocurrency Crypton and mining are included)
  • Anonymous browser
  • Protected storage
  • Secure uNS (DNS alternative)

As for the Utopia Messenger. It reminds me of the traditional messenger: With it you can send all types of messages (text, multimedia, voice). All chats are encrypted with 256-bit AES and Elliptic Curves. That creates protection against all possible surveillance attacks.

As for cool perks, amazing stickers and emoji are at your disposal.

 Price: $0

OS: macOS, Windows, Linux (iOS and Android are in development)


Xabber is not so good at being shy — they claim they are the best, and this is quite fair. It is an XMPP client for Android with good functionality: multiple accounts and platforms support, nice synchronization, the possibility to share media files, nice interface.

It uses end-to-end encryption so your communication will be strictly protected. No one except two interlocutors will view the content of messages.

Moreover, it’s open-source so you can audit the code on GitHub

Price: $0-1 per month

OS: Android


Tox is another messenger that is worth testing. Pleasant interface, understandable features, it is extremely easy to use. Its main focus is the user’s web security, and that’s why it is in this top today.

Tox is distributed — there are no central servers that can be compromised. Moreover, it provides encryption of ‘everything you do with’ it. And what is extremely adorable, Tox claims that it will be free forever (from ads, too.)

Price: $0

OS: Windows, OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, iOS, Android


Kontalk should be among the top 5, no doubt. It is one of the best tools which is distributed and encrypted.

They say that both client-to-server and server-to-server channels are fully decrypted. You can be calm. On top of all, it is open-source.

Price: $0

OS: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android


It is a mobile messaging app that uses E2EE for everything you sent via it. It is liked by a huge number of people, and that is quite obvious — their right to privacy returns back to them. It is also open source so you can check whether they deliver what they promise.

With it, you will get total control over your data.

Price: $0

OS: Android, iOS

Delta Chat

Delta is like any other cool messenger but much secure and reliable. It doesn’t have its own servers. Instead, it uses the largest and most distributed open messaging system: the existing network of email servers.

Exchange messages with everyone whose email address you know, there is no need to install the DeltaChat app! All you need is a standard email account.

No phone numbers and other anti-anonymous requirements.

Price: $0

OS: Android, iOS, PC


There are 6 messengers with encrypted chat functionality which you can use freely. They are absolutely free, so it won’t be a budget-killing acquisition. But what you get as a result is priceless — your security on the Internet.