Thanks to the popularity of the internet and mobile gadgets, more and more businesses have shifted their marketing campaigns to digital platforms. There are tons of platforms to choose from such as social media, email newsletters, websites, and pay-per-click ads.

While digital ads and marketing have shown great success, other business owners choose to remain loyal to print marketing. Below are some of the top reasons why you should consider using print ads for your business.

It’s tried and tested 

Business owners have been using printed materials such as brochures, leaflets, direct mails and business cards for a long time. They produce results. For example, according to a study, 98 per cent of customers tend to sort through their direct mails. This is higher compared to the 20 per cent email opening rates. Printed materials are also highly useful for local business that wants to spread brand awareness during trade fairs, symposiums and other similar events.

It’s not dead!

Thanks to the constant technological advancements, print marketing provides more value to businesses. For example, you can add QR codes to your printed materials. Alternatively, you can simply include your website URL, or social media handles to help your target customers find you online.

There are fewer businesses that use print marketing

It’s no secret the popularity of print marketing continues to decline each year. You must take advantage of the situation. You should at least allot a fraction of your money for your print marketing budget. Make sure to fully utilise it by integrating the latest technologies and prompting people to act or engage with your business. You must also ensure that your materials such as event banners, rollerbanners, pamphlets and brochures stand out. Aim to leave a good impression on your prospects.

You have a ton of exciting options

Printed media is not limited to paper. You have a wide array of materials to choose from. For example, you can give out personalised mugs that contain your company slogan during an event. You might also want to try using useful items such as keychains, bags, coasters, t-shirts and refrigerator magnets as your printed marketing materials. If you’re going to provide value to your customers, consider using a material that would best suit their needs.

It’s super cost-effective

A lot of business owners think that print marketing costs an arm and a leg. In truth, it’s still one of the most cost-effective ways to acquire customers. To make sure that you don’t blow your budget, you must outline your goals and material preferences. Focus on the mission of the marketing material and pick the perfect opportunity to distribute it.

If you are thinking of ditching print marketing for good, you should reconsider. Print marketing still offers a lot of value to businesses. Hence, instead of eliminating print from your marketing plans, you should focus on learning how to use it properly.

You might need to work on your distribution tactics, choice of material, or even your overall perception about printed marketing materials. Also, don’t forget to integrate it with your digital marketing campaigns. As mentioned earlier, you should try including your URLs or social media names on your printed mugs, keychains, pamphlets or banners.