The Top Three Reasons Why You Should Buy a Sony Playstation 4

The Top Three Reasons Why You Should Buy a Sony Playstation 4

Gaming platforms have indeed come a long way during the past ten years. A Sony PlayStation 4 offers some of the most advanced gaming features, wide array of exciting games, superb sound system, and so much more. Since its debut in February 2014, this modern console has taken the world of gaming by storm. So, let’s have a glimpse at the top three reasons why so many gamers are attracted to this version of the popular PlayStation.


Of course, Sony has produced some of the most graphically rich platforms in existence. Much like its predecessors, this fourth-generation model once again provides an unparalleled sense of realism that is so critical for modern games. This has a great deal to do with its computing capacity; modern hard drives are able to hold a vast amount of data. Only a few years ago, such a capability was thought to be all but fictional.

The Controller

Sony has also revolutionised the controllers. This has been one of the defining features of the PlayStation 4. Two momentous additions include analog thumb sticks and a click-and-move touch pad. Alongside these innovations include a system known as DualShock. This enables the controller to shake during certain moments in the game. Not only will such an addition enhance the perceived realism, but game designers can employ such amenities however they see fit.

The Advent of Social Media
It should come as no surprise that the designers of this fourth-generation version have kept in mind the fact that social media now dominates many of our lives. So, an interesting addition is known as a “share” feature which is directly built into the console. Now, players will be able to share the last fifteen minutes of their game with friends and subscribers. This will provide those much-revered “bragging rights” that players have been searching for and for those who may be looking for tips and tricks, the share option comes in quite handy.

These are only three of the numerous motivating factors which have allowed this platform to become one of the most popular in the world. Staying true to its predecessors, this model offers a synergy of exciting game play, enhanced graphics and a user-friendly aspect that is nearly unbeatable in such a competitive industry. If you have been searching for the perfect entertainment package, your dreams will soon come true!