According to Statista, in 2019, the Google Play Store had 2.8 million Android applications. The numbers demonstrate that the Android operating system keeps growing at new levels. In terms of development, Android is far more adaptable application than iOS. That’s why Brainvire prefer the production of Android apps and always look for different ways to optimize android app development. It allows businesses to attract a broad audience.

Developers can construct Android apps in various ways.  It is an IDE which provides significant packages that assist in developing Android apps. Android Studio produces only an application development environment which isn’t sufficient to create an app. it is crucial to choose the appropriate programming language to develop Android app codes.

The best features of Android app creation are,

React native

  •         React Native is a Facebook-developed open-source platform for creating native mobile applications.
  •         The JavaScript platform helps you to develop applications like native apps using construct blocks.
  •         Various Fortune 500 businesses have used the platform for the creation of the mobile app such as Amazon, Apple, Snapchat and many others.


  •         Ionic is an open-source software platform for developing innovative web applications and mobile applications.
  •         As it is a software-based technology, developers may create an Android framework for a different platform.
  •         Developers can build sophisticated hybrid structures using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. Ionic provides live reloading, recording and emulators. Ionic has a thriving community of five million developers globally that have built over 4 million apps utilizing ionic.


JetBrains invents the programming language. The interface incorporates design, purpose and artefacts. It is a digital framework. The Java Virtual Machine is fully compatible with the Java language (JVM). Google announced Kotlin to be the primary IDE for the creation of Android apps in 2017. It is used by developers to substitute Java by simplifying the method of app development. It is the primary language for application development. Kotlin kept the fourth place as a popular programming language according to a Stcekover Flow poll. Giant companies such as Uber, Facebook, Airbnb, Pinterest, and Netflix relocate their Android apps to Kotlin.

Corona SDK

  •         It is an application development kit that enables Android app 10x to built more efficiently than any other Mobile application development platform.
  •         It is a versatile, lightweight programming language that makes an app more flexible, user-friendly and fast.
  •         The software comes with real-time monitoring tools for Windows and Mac OS X free of charge. The platform has a comprehensive set of APIs that involves networking, audio, particle patterns, widgets and more.


  •         PhoneGap is an open-source platform that provides developers with a real-time view of improvements in the device.
  •         The framework helps to develop Hybrid Apps, offers excellent output and workspace without hardware constraints.
  •         It has a variety of software tools from third-party firms, vast application collections, and a growing ecosystem to build sturdy Android apps.

Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is the first business framework that the Android community has implemented for the creation of native mobile apps.  With 50 built-in native themes and UI elements, developers can create appealing applications. Because of its general level of consistency, usability and consistency, fast implementation and intuitive touch functionality, Sencha Touch is the first option in large companies. The language of programming enables the development of Android apps with seamless scrolling as well as highly evolved fluid animations. An improved user interface, a wide range of subjects, an extensive data set and an advanced MVC framework from Sencha Touch are accessible to Android application developers.


  •         It is an open-source, free platform which uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create mobile apps.
  •         Cordova is designed with Apache and facilitates developers with a single code foundation to create mobile multiple platforms applications.


Unity is a computer system used to create 2D and 3D mixed reality games as well as other scenarios.  It helps developers to distribute games to multiple platforms including Pc, Facebook, PlayStation, Android, Xbox and much more. It utilizes the Unity technology to create a pleasant experience with augmented realism and virtual reality. It regulates numerous graphic components, game items, momentum and more. It provides an engaging and seamless web environment that enables substantial customer engagement for the businesses.

The AppBuilder

The AppBuilder helps to create Android apps with even a user interface that is codeless. Developers can, therefore, construct an application without learning the coding in various languages. With an interface drag-and-drop, it allows creating the application more efficiently. Pre-built frames come with different apps like polling, reviews, notification notifications, app changes, and more. The AppBuilder helps developers to send the app on the Google Play Store and companies directly for social media activation to facilitate customer interaction. Firms can produce analytical reports with the framework to recognize and timely solutions for issues affecting app performance.