For most businesses the concept of cutting costs is a primary objective not just heading into a new year, but all the time. It seems that idea is revived, however, when a new year does begin, which is why 2018 might be the year companies start looking for attainable ways to reduce their expenses.

Technology offers some of the best opportunities to cut costs and also streamline general operations, and remain at a peak level of competitiveness.

The following are some of the best ways to cut business costs using technology in 2018.

Implement a New Expense Management Solution

Many business expenses are actually avoidable, even without feeling like the company has to sacrifice as a result.

There are situations that include waste, fraud, and errors, and all of these can lead to unnecessary expenses. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t even know where these issues exist, so they certainly don’t know how to combat them.

2018 can be the perfect time to start utilizing a modern, advanced expense management system with centralized visibility into company spending and analytics.

Automate As Much As You Can

A lot of businesses are hesitant to implement automation solutions for a few different reasons. They may feel like their employees will resent it, or it could have an impact on corporate culture. Another reason is that they simply don’t see the value.

When businesses automate in their organizations, it’s a valuable way not just to cut costs in nearly every way, but also to improve productivity because employees are able to focus their attention on more valuable areas of the business.

It’s up to today’s businesses to make sure that they’re preparing employees for automated solutions in terms of training them how to use them, but also when it comes to letting them know the automation isn’t replacing them but is instead making their day to day life easier and more productive.

Anytime you’re cutting manual processes out of your business equation you’re also cutting down on costs associated with mistakes.

Make IT Infrastructure Cloud-Based

There’s hardly a business in the world that’s operating on a large scale or even a medium-sized organization that shouldn’t move their IT infrastructure to the cloud to save money.

If you’re an internationally operational business, it can be even more important to move your infrastructure to the cloud so that you can securely store information in a centralized location.

Cloud-based IT solutions allow for scaled growth that requires a significantly smaller financial investment.


A big problem a lot of companies face is that even when they are already relying on technology-based solutions, there’s not a lot of streamlined integration across platforms.

The technology being used is somewhat siloed, and that can have the opposite effect of what technology should in terms of being streamlined and convenient.

2018 brings a new opportunity for businesses to not only think about new technology solutions but also choosing options that will integrate with one another in a succinct way. By having platforms and technology integrated with one another, it can improve communication, visibility, and productivity.