Trading Overseas: How International Expansion Can Benefit Your Business…


Your business may be thriving in your current market. However, success is all about never allowing yourself to stay in your comfort zone. We all love it there, but if you want your business to excel itself, you should always be thinking of how you can go one step further.

Entering into the world of international trade is one way you could push yourself and your brand. Breaking into a fresh market is almost guaranteed to bring you increased opportunities for sales and clients.

So why not work international expansion into your business strategy? There is a range of services out there to help you along the way. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that come with trading internationally…

Stronger network


One way that international expansion can benefit your business is the more opportunity for building relationships. Establishing a strong business network in your domestic market is important, however, if you can form relationships with other businesses or clients internationally – even better!

It is important not to forget the importance of working relationships built on trust and even friendship. If people know the face behind your brand on a personal level, they are far more likely to recommend your products and maintain loyalty.

You may think that forming a strong network with foreign countries is not an option for you due to you only speaking one language fluently. However, there are professionals out there ready to help you by completely removing any language barriers from the equation. Intrawelt offer professional and affordable translation and interpretation services to help you with a range of potential translation needs. They can help you with anything from translating a document to interpreting a conversation between you and a client. If you are looking to form strong and trusting relationships with international clients or even competitors, their services are guaranteed to remove any language worries you might have.

More opportunities

As a result of the new working relationships you can form, your opportunities for sales will increase! International expansion is a great way to open your business up to new horizons. It almost goes without saying, but if you are offering your products/services to more countries, your market size increases.

It’s recommendable to do extensive research whilst planning your international expansion strategy to make sure the market(s) you enter will receive your product well. Going for a market that is as unsaturated as possible for products similar to yours is the best idea.

Different cultures may appreciate different aspects about your product, so to make the absolute most of going global, refresh your market strategy to suit. Although international expansion increases opportunity, it is up to you to use the opportunities successfully.

Immediate payments


There is nothing worse than providing clients with excellent customer service and supplying them with your product… But having to chase them up multiple times for their payment. International expansion may be refreshing for your business, as foreign countries are known for their quick or even immediate payments. This is beneficial as it saves a lot of time pestering people and a lot of worry if your profits are suffering because of customers paying late.

 International brand reputation

An overarching advantage of taking your business to an international level, is the improved brand reputation. Once you have formed strong networks in a number of countries, you can proudly say that your company is recognised globally. It’s no mean feat to achieve an international brand reputation. However, with the increasing amount of business support out there, like professional translation services, you could be well on your way!