Travelindicator, a data-driven approach to generating travel ideas


What does Travelindicator company Do? takes an interactive and data-driven approach to generating travel ideas. While the rest of the travel world is still writing extensive travel guides that go into minute detail of travel destinations you had already chosen to travel to anyway, our travel idea generator is all about putting you in charge and letting you discover, explore and share potential holiday destinations on your own.

We currently cover nearly 1,000 destinations across 200 countries for which we write short and sometimes brutally honest reviews. For each place we assess how much every one of 23 standard travel themes (such as beaches, mountains, romantic or adventurous) applies to it, and provide you some basic information on the cost level, weather and attractions. Our users can upvote or downvote the themes per destination to make the mapping as accurate as possible, which in turn helps others to discover them.

Why do we need Travelindicator?

Finding travel destinations can be tough, especially if you have some criteria (family-friendly, romantic, adventure, etc).

Travelindicator offers a comprehensive, beautifully presented data rich destination discovery tool which helps you explore further.

Our search, themes, tags & algorithm puts users in charge of discovering new destinations and ideas for a trip. No longer will you need to rely on word-of-mouth, serendipitous inspiration or endless online searches to discover the perfect holiday destination.

Who is Travelindicator for?

Specific groups our site may appeal to most would be potential holiday makers, avid travelers, people living abroad and digital nomads.

What makes iTravelindicator stand out from Others?

We haven’t yet found a site that is able to give such control over the discovery phase of travel planning, on top of that we try to make destination pages as comprehensive (yet not too packed) with relevant, useful information.  

What’s Next to Travelindicator?

We are really focussed on improving our site, adding features and functionality and enhancing our users experience overall. In addition to that we want to grow our community and user base, this is the single best way to achieve our above improvement goals, because it gives us so much more feedback.