Updating the video card drivers can affect Windows (or other OS) and games productivity substantially. Auto update of NVidia and AMD is used frequently, however, it is better to delete old drivers and then install new ones then just updating the current version of driver.


For example, NVIDIA officially recommends to delete all drivers before updating to the new version as sometimes unforeseen errors can occur during the installation, or even the BSOD blue screen of death. You can download new drivers for NVIDIA or any other manufacturer from DriversCenter.com – the website which contains drivers for printers, PCs, laptops and other devices.


In this article you will find out how to completely delete video card drivers from NVIDIA, AMD and Intel from the computer (including all collateral elements of the driver) and how to update/install the new ones.


Deleting The Video Card Drivers Using a Control Panel

The most commonly used method of deleting drivers is to enter the Windows Control Panel, select the Programs and Components item and delete all the software that has any connection to the video card. Then you should enter the Device Manager (from the Control Panel menu) and delete the video card driver manually and install the one you have downloaded. It is very easy, even if you are a beginner user.



However, this method also has several shortcomings:

  • It is inconvenient to delete drivers manually.
  • Not all components of the driver could be deleted, there are drivers of the video cards NVIDIA GeForce, AMD Radeon, Intel HD Graphics from Windows Update (or are set right after deleting drivers from the vendor).
  • If deleting was required because of any problems in operation of the video card, additional problems may occur.


All disadvantages are worth paying attention to, so it would be better for a PC user to make sure the driver replacement is necessary and the software for installation is downloaded from the trusted source.



How Outdated Driver Can Cause a Problem?


Outdated drivers can cause numerous problems, and the worst part is that it happens unexpectedly. For example, when you use initial video card driver from Windows you can see that the display blinks upon scrolling which is abnormal, and there is no option for you to launch the video game normally with such a problem arisen.


Or you can get interrupted during the game constantly if the driver has not been updated properly. However, not only gamers may face the problem; if you have any work to be done with the video content there will be problems as well – especially if you need powerful video processing for the operation.


How to Get More from Your Video Card?


If you want to get your video card working more efficiently you need to install the additional software produced by the manufacturer – both Nvidia and Radeon have software that allows to regulate the performance of the video card, change the modes and conduct customizations for better work. Update drivers on time, and download reliable software.