So, you have a business, and it isn’t on Instagram, you might need to rethink. Instagram is used mostly by businesses as they make their presence felt and also make visibility of their products. If you are not a member of Instagram, you aren’t doing justice to your business. Here are eight reasons why you should have your company’s account on Instagram.

  1. Huge Number of People Uses Instagram

With 800 million active users, Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms. Amongst these 800 million users around 500 million use Instagram on a daily basis and 80% of them are from outside the United States, 34% are millennials and around 38% check in multiple times a day in Instagram. So, with that many numbers of people on Instagram, if you have the right strategy, your business is definitely going to be successful.

  1. The business of Any Size Can Thrive

With the number of users, Instagram has, any business can achieve even the sky. A small mom and pop shops or one-person operated a business or a large brand; everyone can do well in Instagram with the right strategy. But if you think tonight you make an account and before the daylight comes up you are going to succeed; it won’t happen. You have to keep your marketing team busy with a strong strategy to work for sometimes, maintaining their presence felt and also at least making 1+ posts per day.

  1. Your Business has the Capacity to Make Money Directly from Instagram

Using product placement, you can make money directly from Instagram. There is software which allows businesses tagged to products in the posts, and one can put a link on the link with a description of product and price tag. Clicking the link one can directly go to your landing page.

  1. You Need Stories for Your Business

There are various ways on Instagram to show your audience that you are much more than just a corporation with no face. Live posts and stories make a lot of difference, and good posts always attract people. You can share behind-the-scenes photos and videos of your company. You can show how people work there, and how they enjoy their work. You can also have Question & Answer sessions with your audience live. For building rapport, you can take help of Instagram live posts. This will build a relationship between you and your followers.

  1. You can Ask Help from Influencers

There are regular viewers as well as there are influencers in social media platform. An influencer is a person who will take a product or service in the mainstream by promoting the brand. If you can hire a dependable influencer, your business is going to go to a whole new level. With just a single post by an influencer, your product will be known by millions of Instagram users.

  1. Increase your Visibility with Hashtag

Sometimes people get intimidated by the level of competition and the number of posts made per minute in the Instagram. But you can separate your brand from the crowd with the use of the proper hashtag. With the help of hashtags, not only your followers will see your posts, but a lot of other audiences will be able to see your posts, and if they like your post, they will become your followers. Use relevant hashtags though to be popular and don’t overdo hashtags. If you are new to Instagram, you can buy Instagram likes cheap.

  1. Engage with Your Customers Effectively

Followers love to get engaged, but there should be something to get engaged. If you make a post and then you never reply to the followers, soon they will be gone to your competitors who talk with the customers. So, you need to get engaged with your customers regularly. People will want you to hear to them, know their opinion, and especially when they are going to purchase it or want to inquire about a product they like. So, when any customer asks something, reply to them. They will love it and become a loyal follower.

  1. Mobility

Instagram is an app, whereas Facebook and Twitter were created to be used on the browser. So, when so many users are there on Instagram and a huge percent of the users uses Instagram from their mobile even when they are on the move. Anywhere you look around you find a smartphone user and many of them are using Instagram. So, your quality posts are seen by many people and are getting aware of your brand.