Steve Jobs have put immense efforts and all his passion to make Mac simple and easy to use.  But the best part of Mac is that it can do plenty of clever things; there are so many hidden features, shortcuts, tips, and tricks. If you are new to Mac or probably using it after a pretty long time, keep handy a few tips and tricks so that you can make the most.

5 MacOS tips and tricks you must know

  1. Talk and listen to Mac

Mac already had the Dictation software and it could already talk and listen and then in 2016, the MacOS Sierra was launched. Now things are easier with Siri’s arrival on Apple. You can do it by holding the Space and Command for a few seconds. You can also click the button on the Menu bar or Dock and call upon Siri. Siri on High Sierra can toggle functions like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or even take up individual files in the system.

  1. You can collect screenshots of desirable size

Screenshots is basically a chore when it comes to Windows users and sometimes the keyboards are not compatible too. Mac has a streamlined process and you can just press Shift and Command to take a shot of the whole screen.  If you own the new MacBook Pro that features Touch Bar, simply press the Shift-Command-6 to capture a snapshot. Mastering a few keystrokes would make the process of taking screenshots easier.

  1. Signing PDFs in the mail

In case you have emailed a PDF to sign, you do not have to think of printing it, then signing and finally scanning it again. With the MacOS you can sign in the email. The process is simple, drag a PDF in the mail that you plan to send, hover on it and you can see a button on the top right. Click and you can see various markup options and that includes one for signing documents. There is something more, you can add the signature just by holding a paper where you have signed in front of the webcam and it cuts out the signature so flawlessly. You can use this process if you own an iPad stylus.

  1. Solving the Bluetooth issue on Mac

Is your Bluetooth not working on your Mac device? Each and everyone uses Bluetooth in daily life and even more when you are using a Mac device. Sometimes when your Bluetooth is not working, you get a notification like “Bluetooth not available on mac”. This means you use the Bluetooth software to pair up any device, sharing stopped. It’s an error and you need to fix it. Take a look at the procedure that would help it to become functional:

Restart the Bluetooth – There are basically two ways by which you can restart the Bluetooth. Sometimes just a restart can solve the issue and you might again find your Bluetooth active. If you wish, you can reboot the device and the error can get cleared. In case these solutions did not work out, there are other solutions too.

Remove the USB devices – There are times when hardware devices interfere making Bluetooth unavailable. Even Apple is aware that Bluetooth connectivity is an issue in MacOS. One solution is to remove all hardware and USB devices from a Mac device. Once removed, reboot the device and turn on your Bluetooth connectivity.

Reset the system management controller – Resetting SMC is an essential technique to fix the Bluetooth issue. The methods to follow are different and which one to follow mainly depends on the type of Mac you have. You can reset the system management controller for a device having a non-removable battery and also for Mac devices having a removable battery. Then there is resetting the SMC for Mac Pro, Mac Mini, iMac etc.

Delete the .plist flies – These are known as Property list files on Mac that maintains the data and preferences of various devices. When these files get corrupted, the Bluetooth connectivity fails. Clear these files and Bluetooth connectivity would be available.

  1. Unit calculations in High Sierra

Take advantage of the Spotlight and only then you can speed up the usage of Mac conversion. The spotlight is capable of doing all basic calculations but you can perform unit conversions in MacOS High Sierra.


Apart from these many, there are plenty of tips that might be useful for Mac users. Using Mac is not rocket science at all, there are so many users having Mac devices and the number is increasing day by day with the help of VPN.  At the same time, best VPN software for MAC is available for your unique needs.  So now that you know quite a lot about the tips and tricks, you would be able to make the most of Mac and feel proud as a Mac user.