Using online tools to develop skills

We are so lucky to live in the wonderful, technology-driven world of today. Studying for courses or to develop new skills used to be a dull task of reading through huge text books and completing the test at the end of the chapter. Thanks to advances in technology, we can learn a new language whilst traveling on the train to work, or we can revise for our driving theory test using fun online tests like

If you are looking for cost-effective ways to develop your business skills or to train some employees, then online training should be your first call of action. From basic Microsoft Office e-learning to online video tutorials on how to design CAD drawings, you can develop practically any skill without leaving your desk.


If you want to develop Microsoft Office skills, there is a huge host of online learning that you can undertake. Whether you wish to gain a certificate for the courses you’ve taken, or simply wish to hone in your skills for your career, Microsoft caters to both. Microsoft has a dedicated training site which you can visit when wanting to learn skills in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and many more packages.


LinkedIn is known for being the largest career networking site in the world, and it is full of useful information and groups to collaborate with. It also partners up with, an excellent online learning library that’ll benefit many employees.

You can trial it for free before making up your mind up as to whether you want to continue using it. If you just want to quickly learn a new skill such as ‘How to use SEO on a website’, then you can use the free trial, or sign up and be a member for the month required to learn everything that you need.

There are thousands of courses covering various sectors, and the easy bite-size videos and short tests make it simple when learning the required skills.


Lots of businesses use Adobe products for a wide range of tasks. From website design to creating online forms, learning Adobe skills can be hugely beneficial for an array of different professional settings.

When you sign up for an Adobe package, free learning is included, and the Adobe Creative Cloud package is a great example of this. When you first download the app, you have the choice of taking a quick tutorial, a detailed tutorial, or jumping straight in.


More and more people are using YouTube to develop skills. YouTube can be a great way of picking up the visual side of learning. There are absolutely millions of videos available to search, meaning it can cater to a multitude of learning requirements.

The best part is, you can watch a YouTube video for free,meaning you can learn a new skill without any cost. If you want to see how to perform  a task in Adobe Photoshop, you can bet that someone has uploaded a tutorial onto YouTube, ready for your disposal.