Whether you want to get access to or bypass blocked websites, parental control software or get around a censorship regime imposed by your government, there are various ways of doing it safely and for free. Before you get to know how to bypass blocked websites for free, a point to note is that while some of these methods are used to provide anonymity, it is possible that your identity could be compromised by law enforcement, especially if you want to engage in illegal activities. One way of bypassing a blocked website for free is to use an online proxy. Using an online proxy is free, and it is the easiest method available. Commonly known as web proxies, these services are offered in the form of websites where users type in a given URL to access the link through the proxy. This usually simple, but as with everything, sometimes it can become complicated.

A proxy is a server whose primary function is to act as an intermediary between a computer and the blocked website. If you want to know how to bypass blocked websites for free and anonymously, then using a proxy will be the best way of getting around the blocked site. Anonymity, in this case, is provided because once you enter the URL of the blocked website the connection you make to the site will not be direct. Because proxy servers are free to use, understand that most of them are loaded with popups and banner ads that can sometimes be annoying and ruin your experience. If using a proxy does not work, the second and best way of bypassing the website is to use the TOR browser.

The TOR browser is open source and completely free. You will be guaranteed anonymity when using the TOR network. The TOR network is famous because it is synonymous with Deep Web. This network was initiated by the U.S. Army to provide high-level anonymity for users. Using the TOR network will enable you to bypass a blocked website by sending you through some nodes or computers that are also using the TOR network. This means that the end site will not know who you are. Also, your ISP will not know which website you are visiting. In the end, your computer will be used by others as a node through which they will route their traffic. This is the same way in which peer-to-peer sharing of files works.

Because your ISP will not know which website you are visiting, the TOR network makes it an effective method of bypassing blocked websites for free. Note that although you can use the TOR browser, there are certain websites that block the TOR traffic, and others require users to verify that they are indeed humans browsing with the TOR browser. One reason for this is that TOR experiences a high volume of traffic, and if this is experienced in one node in a given network, some websites will suspect abuse. However, this should not worry you because these sites are small in number.