It has been said that “via virtual world, we can live our dreams and desires.” It is an imitation of the real world, but at the same time, it is something far away from the reality. Virtual reality let us experience things beyond our physical reach. It is our future and soon going to be the most important part of everyone life. Just like technology has made their ways into our lives, VR is going to be the next important thing for humanity in future.
Let’s have a look at the evolution of Virtual Reality , i.e., its introduction, present scenario and the future of the virtual world.

What is a virtual reality?

The word is made of two words, i.e., virtual and reality. Word “virtual” describes something that is inspired by our thoughts, imagination, and dreams. Something near or a part of reality but doesn’t have a physical existence; one can only feel or see it. On the other hand, “reality” means something which existence is a universal truth and not imagination. When we combined these two terms, it means something ‘near-reality.’ In technical terms, it is also known as reality emulation.

Virtual reality –journey

It all started a long ago, but it entered the market in 2013. Oculus rift development kit was the first ever VR launched in the market. Since then it started to take over the world and by 2016 various VR devices had been introduced like PlayStation and HTC Vive.

Virtual reality 2017 – present scenario

These days, almost everyone is used to VR. Video games have been the best example and VR so far, but its use isn’t limited to games only. VR has a bright future in education, healthcare, real estates, entertainment, architecture and so on.

More and more people these days are planning to have Virtual reality startups. So far, it has successfully made its way to the entertainment industry and gaming world. But it has a long way to go on, and this is just beginning. The number of people involves in VR has been increasing at an instant rate which seems to be endless as well.
More and more people are investing in VR to earn more profit. From photography to animated movies, one can see the power of VR everywhere. It is the next step into the future where imagination will no longer be different from reality. Millions of people are investing their time in VR which is a sign that we are standing at the edge of second technological revolution after gadgets.

Virtual reality & Future

According to experts, the virtual industry would reach $ 7 billion by 2018. Businessmen these days tend to adopt VR to have a better customer base in the market. If we go further into the future then by 2020, the revenue of VR industry will reach to $ 150 billion from $ 7 billion. The revenue different is quite huge, and by 2025, it is expected to 500 Billion.

Virtual reality – a boon for business industry

Since online market came into existence, it becomes easy and economical for anyone to own a business. For them, VR is no less than a boon to them, and the following industries are indulged in it:

In 2015, a virtual reality platform was introduced by Google meant for classrooms. Many schools and colleges have been planning to introduce VR. It would change the way of learning plus it is going to be eco-friendly as well.


In the tourism industry, VR handset has offered an economical and inexpensive way to travel around the world. Shortly, the industry is planning to expand its uses.


VR has the power to make patients feel their fear and Phobia which even help them to overcome their anxiety and defeat them. It will probably save more lives by helping the doctors & patients with various health issues.

Real estates

Having a view of your future home is possible through VR headsets. They can have an overview of how their home would look like? The real estate industry can even convey their thoughts and ideas via VR to customers.

What to expect from Virtual reality?

As said before, virtual reality is going to change our future for sure. From healthcare industries to entertainment industries, everyone is going to rely on it. Along with this, it has following benefits:

Use to train soldiers in defense sector

Soldiers need hardcore training that makes them survive in hard conditions and defeat enemies. Via virtual reality, they can create a virtual world where they can learn how to cope with enemies, fire gun, use new weapons, etc. Along with this, VR has been extensively used by pilots to get trained. By using virtual simulators, they learn how to control land or fly planes or any aircraft.


Digital conferencing has been a new trend in the business world and let them conduct business from anywhere. One can have meetings via VR, discuss their plans, etc. It is very convenient though where you don’t have to visit each other physically. VR further connects different people in business and responsible for conducting business smoothly.

Use to treat patients

Not only physiological health issues but a medical professional can learn how to perform surgeries? However, professional sees it an effective way to treat patients with psychological issues. In another word, it can be used to treat PTSD.

Create an eco-friendly world

Going digital can save papers which further results in the conservation of trees. Along with this, learning becomes fun with VR as it explains them every concept briefly. If we go fully digital, then it will have a positive impact on future and increase the quality of education.


Virtual reality let us explore the world beyond our physical reach. It can make impossible things possible and contributes to our development. Not only this, but it even leads to the conservation of natural resources and great from the business point of view as well. Will it transform this world into a dream and perfect world we are looking for?