People can contact your business through the use of a virtual phone number just like they do with the use of a landline number, except the calls made to a virtual phone number can easily be forwarded to an existing mobile or office line of your choosing. You can also link virtual phone numbers to specific extensions and voicemail boxes. It is virtually amazing how virtual phone numbers can benefit your business.

The use of virtual phone numbers allows for the use of multiple numbers without paying for multiple lines. You can use separate numbers for business and personal use, but receive all of the calls via one phone. You can give customers, clients, and any other business contacts a designated business phone number instead of your personal mobile phone number or home phone number. You can also set it up so that when callers call your virtual phone number for your business, they can receive different voicemail greetings, depending on which phone number they dial.

Another benefit of using virtual phone numbers for business is the ability to collect marketing data. Virtual phone number lines supply businesses with helpful marketing data. If you use radio advertising or print advertising, you can promote a different virtual local or toll free virtual phone number on each ad. The calls to each of the numbers are tracked and you can then gain access to a full report that shows how many calls came in from each of the campaigns.

It really is incredible how virtual phone numbers can benefit your business. When you purchase a virtual phone number in an area code that is different than yours, the customers in that area code can reach your company without having to pay long-distance calling rates. This encourages the customers in that area to contact your business while also helping you to establish yourself in the new (to your business) area. If you purchase any type of advertising in that area, you can use the local virtual phone number you purchased for advertising. This makes it easier for any potential customer to see/hear the number from the ad and then reach out to your business.

There is no equipment required when you purchase a virtual phone number. When compared to traditional phone lines with different extensions, these types of phone numbers are much easier to maintain. There is no need to purchase additional equipment for each phone number and most virtual phone number providers do not require that you commit to long-term contracts.

Other ways virtual phone numbers can benefit your business are:

The ability to quickly and very conveniently manage your virtual phone numbers through the use of an easy-to-use online control panel makes it simple to get the service started, change call forwarding numbers, add extensions, personalize different voicemails to different extensions, and so much more. Convenience goes a long way in the fast-paced modern business world.

As far as features are concerned, virtual phone numbers offer a larger variety of corresponding features than the traditional landline phone numbers. Global Call Forwarding offers business owners looking to purchase virtual phone numbers for business a multitude of features aimed at enhancing customer service, mobility, flexibility and business success overall. Some of the features include: call recording, time of day routing. sequential forwarding, instant activation, SMS forwarding, local ringback tones, fax to email, rollover minutes, and voicemail to email.

Global Call Forwarding also offers business phone numbers to over 150 countries worldwide. That is a huge benefit to any business that is looking to expand internationally to a variety of nations and tap into those markets with their products and/or services. As you can see, it really is virtually amazing, how virtual phone numbers can benefit your business. And with all of these benefits, why would a business turn to any other option for their business communication needs?