Pic Credit: Photo by Fabian Grohs on Unsplash

Virtual offices are the workplaces of the future, and the days of companies feeling obliged to look for space to rent are over. Businesses, especially smaller enterprises and start-ups, are finding it prudent to forgo the cost and hassle of rental or purchase offices in favor of the simplicity and convenience that a virtual workplace provides. With everything from shopping to booking a doctor’s appointment going online, why shouldn’t the office environment follow suit? Virtual offices have numerous advantages that make them an intriguing and attractive proposition for any business starting out and looking to take the world by storm:

Low Overheads

Real estate costs in major cities across the globe have been rising at a staggering rate and can quickly push a company back by several thousands of dollars. This can blow quite the hole in any businesses bottom line, not to mention the constant maintenance and supply costs that add to the tab. Probably the most significant advantage of having a virtual office is the ability to avoid these costs, leaving businesses with more capital to invest in better technologies, hiring more skilled talent, and providing better services. Just get a virtual address and a receptionist to attend to your calls, and look professional at a cheaper rate.

Access Talent Worldwide

If you have a virtual office, the world is truly your talent pool. In the absence of a set physical location, there is no need for employees to be physically present in the city or even country in which you are operating. All they need is the skill set that matches your company’s requirements and a high-speed internet connection. The virtual office system leaves you free to tap into the talented workforce from across the world.

Easy To Scale Up

It is easier to scale up a virtual company than a physical one. The investment needed to scale up a conventional business – setting up new offices or expanding an existing one, and hiring new staff members and others can be daunting and challenging. A virtual office frees you from these obligations. When you decide to expand, connect with talented potential employees via online channels, and relay all the information online. You will save thousands of dollars on real estate which can be used to invest in bettering the services provided by your company.

Healthier Employees

There are numerous physical and psychological health benefits associated with ditching the traditional office environment. Research indicates that sitting on a chair for long periods of time can significantly reduce your lifespan. Moreover, being chained to the desk from 9-to-5, and staring at the computer pushes your employees into a sedentary lifestyle and makes them unhealthy. Neck pains, backaches, blurred visions have been on the rise in the last few years. Virtual offices provide employees with a higher degree of freedom and the ability to work from anywhere. It also makes an employee feel trusted, motivating them to work harder for the company.

Better Work-Life Balance

Working in an office creates stark distinctions between professional and private life. Most people spend more waking hours with their colleagues than they with their families. There Is a growing school of thought that a more flexible arrangement that offers improved work-life balance is better for employees wellbeing and results in higher productivity.

Virtual offices are a relatively new phenomenon that is rapidly gaining interest in workplaces around the globe. After years of dealing with overhead and repair costs, and disenchanted employees who are bored of the 9 to 5 restrictive work schedule, the virtual office system, for many organizations, is like a breath of fresh air.