If you have been using Instagram for some time, your objective has been to engage with your audience and stay engaged. Followers are your greatest asset, and they need to be active ones, meaning that they keep track of your posts regularly and engage in conversations on your Instagram page. You know it isn’t just about hashtags or aesthetics. Yes, they do have a large contribution to your following, but it is your interaction with the audience that matters most. The ones that buy Instagram followers have over time realized that there aren’t any shortcuts to achieve marketing goals. Regular engagement is the only way to build loyalty. Let’s look at some of the ways that work, and that could potentially result in gains for you.


Do not attempt to beat Instagram’s algorithm

This doesn’t have anything to relate directly to your engagement but is so important that it deserves mention at the beginning. Many a marketer had faced this dilemma when their objective was to build a quick following. It simply doesn’t work, is counter-productive, and a violation of policies when you buy Instagram followers. They are dead, ghosts. That initial like is all you would get, and they wouldn’t be following or engaging with you as they do not exist. Instead, consult an expert that sells active accounts, so you can buy Instagram followers that benefits you the most. Experts can advise you on acquisition techniques. Do not employ bots. Statistical analysis has shown that even if a bot were to work, the average active following that they build up is far lesser than what active, organic growth would help you achieve.

Understand human psychology and converse

Human transactions are all related to psychology. No, you do not need to take up a course on psychology, but it is the basics that we all know. Everyone likes a pat on the back. Equate that to a like. Who doesn’t love that little bit of encouragement? Share their stories or better still add to that and re-post your thoughts on Instagram. It is an acknowledgment that their story was worth it. Instagram Stories can be a ton of fun, but they’re also beneficial for boosting your engagement. For example, when you post on Instagram stories, your chances of getting featured on the Explore page increases. The only thing is you need to make sure that your stories are engaging and that they do talk to a specific audience.


In addition, bring in an element of intrigue to your stories. For example, include call-to-action statements in your posts. These inspire other participants to talk. When you prompt them with a question or a comment, people tend to engage. Carry on the conversation in the comment section. The more followers that join with you in the comments section, the more likely it is that Instagram will consider your post for the top ones for a hashtag.

Create a strategy around hashtags

While Instagram does allow up to 30 hashtags, using too many of them would make your post look like a sales pitch. Using the most trending hashtags throw you into a sea of fierce competition. For most trending hashtags, you would see that over a hundred or thousand people are trying to get into the top posts using the same hashtag. Instead, it would be good to specialize, focus on your offering. Do remember to use a base tag that’s trending and then add them for your specialized area, maybe one that focuses on the field that you serve, and then create one that’s entirely your own. Your followers can then latch on to your tag and retag their posts with your hashtag, which goes to make your hashtag a trending one.

Schedule Your Instagram Posts

If you have observed, Instagram posts get ordered by chronology. When hundreds of users are posting stories, the top stories tend to be replaced fast, and chances are your audience may never catch yours. Unless, of course, you manage to grab their eyeballs at the right time. Use the many tools available online to see when your audience is most active and then use a scheduler tool to time your posts. This would mean that your post reaches your audience and can gather the maximum engagement possible. Following up, when it convenes more engagement, Instagram automatically ranks your post higher in preference to others, making it likely to garner more eyeballs than would have been possible otherwise.