After buying a beloved new laptop, the user must be impatient to use it. Undoubtedly the new laptop will bring different user experience. This new laptop will bring better performance and good appearance design, but it will not have obvious improvement on its input peripherals and internal structure design. So why not add some laptop accessories to improve user experience?

To get best typing experience, a comfortable keyboard and good mouse are indispensable accessories. Although a laptop features a keyboard and touchpad as well as other input components, but the typing experience these components brings is not as good as the peripheral device does.

If the user needs to buy a dock, we recommend that not choose those cheap docks with multi docking connectors since these docks may fail to recognize the new device. Therefore, buy a good-quality dock even its price is much higher than those cheap ones.

If the user tries to avoid using a dock, then we suggest that those users who have lightweight laptops buy a mouse and keyboard which support the Bluetooth connection. The high-quality wireless mouse is much expensive than a wired mouse, but it can greatly improve portability. Considering that most consumers will not buy an expensive wireless mouse, we suggest that they can choose wired one instead of cheap wires mouse to keep smooth operation. After all, these cheap products usually have the weak signal strength, and they are less resistant to interference and shows high-frequency data delay.

As for the game player, it is necessary to buy an external keyboard. Even some gaming laptops have featured special mechanical keyboard; this keyboard still can’t bring the actual operating experience as good as a keyboard with standard-size keycap. When the user plays a game, the keyboard will generate heat and the user’s hands will influence the laptop’s heat dissipation efficiency. Therefore, it is better to use an external keyboard for the game player. For the internal laptop keyboard, you can find it from

Except for input peripherals, at present, many consumers prefer to buy all kinds of bases. The laptop base has three functions. Firstly, it can help improve laptop’s heat dissipation efficiency, and the user needs to use an external keyboard when using a base. Secondly, it can make the screen reach a height where the user can see the screen more comfortably. Thirdly, it can improve hand feeling that a keyboard brings. It is a problem for the user whether to choose a heat dissipation base or not. Although there are a variety of heat dissipation bases, such base with high heat dissipation efficiency is rare in the market. Most heat dissipation bases have a fan with weak air volume, and the fan will bring more noises. This base basically can’t improve laptop’s heat dissipation efficiency.

To improve heat dissipation performance, consumers also are inclined to buy convulsive cooling pad except for heat dissipation base. This cooling pad does help heat dissipation, but there is one vital disadvantage that it brings so much noise as to make the user fail to hear the game sounds if the user doesn’t wear earphones while playing the game for those laptops which bring poor sound effect.

There are many accessories that the user can buy to improve user experience except what we have mentioned above, including loudspeaker box, game headset and so on.