No matter what industry you might be part of today, the chances are good that your business needs information to survive. Whether it’s information about your inventory, incoming leads, or even your competitors, you’re probably a bit more digital than you realise. Cloud managed services were designed to help companies just like yours deal with that information. This guide can help you understand a bit more about the idea.

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

Before you can even begin to know whether services like these might be right for your company, it may help to have a better understanding of exactly what they are. Cloud managed services just means outsourcing the management of your IT resources to a online company. The cloud just refers to the Internet. The goal of any cloud managed service company is to help give you access to what you need, whether it’s software or data, and support your day to day technology. While services vary by company, generally you’re going to see storage, security, support, and more as an option. The more services you require assistance with, the higher the cost of the overall services.


There are many reasons companies like yours decide to go with cloud managed services. One of the biggest reasons, though, deals with resources. Because 99% of all businesses in London today are SMEs, the business sector often can’t afford a complete IT department with the skills necessary to continually monitor and maintain the technology and the data simultaneously. It’s just not a cost effective option. As a result, more companies are turning to managed providers, even in addition to their own IT departments, because it simply makes good financial sense.

Another reason companies move toward managed services, though, is security. Data breaches are absolutely everywhere today. You probably heard about Sony and big bank JP Morgan Chase, right? Even the National Health Service got hit in the past year. Issues like these are becoming all too common, and they’re tough to prevent. With managed services, though, companies gain access to some of the best minds in the technology industry, and they have the tools to help prevent hackers from taking that data.

One other reason companies choose managed services is scalability. Every company hopes to grow at some point, and managed services can help them do just that. Think about it for a moment. Every time your company grows, you have to add technology. You have to increase server storage space, add equipment, add the right protections to that new equipment, and change the way your technology works. With IT management taken care of, though, that no longer becomes your problem. Instead, it becomes something for your outside IT team to tackle while you continue working on plans to grow your company just a little bit more.

Few things can be more helpful to your company than managed IT services. Consider it as one of your best options now.