3rd January, 2005 on NBC the great American drama series over television called Medium was started and lasted till 2009, June 1st. it was then shifted to CBS in 2009, 25th September and finally showed their last episode on 21st January, 2011. There are certain series which are always appreciated from beginning till end. Supernatural series are the choice of a great part of world’s population and its lead character Allison DuBois which was enacted by Patricia had really done pretty well with its role. Here she has been shown as the Phoenix consultant in the office of Arizona district attorney. Allison had shared his inherited gift with his three daughters. Jake Weber had played the role of her husband in the character of Joe. Earlier the show was completely relying on the experience of Allison as medium. Here we could see that she claims to work with agencies of law enforcement that deals in criminal investigation all across the country.

Glenn Gordon Caron is behind the creation of this series and Kelsey Grammer’s Grammnet and Picture maker Productions house had produced this series along with Paramount Network Television (2005-2006), CBS Paramount Network (2006-2009) and CBS Television Studios till the end of the series from 2009. CBS Corporation and Viacom had splited and due to this studio has been changed so randomly.

The first five seasons were shown on NBC and the later two seasons were shown on CBS. CBS dictated the end of this series on 21st December, 2010 and aired the finale after a month.

This series was moving with the theme that Allison the main character of the story possess a special power to speak to the dead people. In this attempt she also helps some alive and dead people. She is also said to possess certain supernatural power that could help her to view the events that are likely to happen in the upcoming future and to go back in the past and could witness the event as it is. She sees all these things in her dream only. She first sees a dream while working as an intern about a murder in Texas. When this dream turns into reality and when she manages to solve it, she succeeds in proving her gift to the outer world. In the second season the answers are provided by her daughters, Bridgette and Ariel through the power of their dreams. The season of real paranormal activities starts in the third season where it was exhibited by Marie. Unknowingly she does this activity with paper dolls. Psychic directory has a great role to play in the fifth season where Marie sees the first psychic dream. Children were showing facing difficulties in adopting these powers. Sometimes the zeal of being afraid, other times the high frustration together they leave them totally broken and confused about where they were heading too!

What exactly is a psychic directory?

In most of the paranormal movies you could have seen things like crystal, faith healing, tarot cards, angel reading, Reiki and rune. The difference between these paranormal things are some of them are dictated by medium whereas others without medium. The instant and immediate access over plethora of diverse psychics in above mentioned range builds a psychic directory. It’s very simple to get connected to such people who provide such services. Today in the advanced world where everything could be scheduled through net, here also you have the option to fix a prior appointment through e-mail, connecting online or most commonly over the phone. If you really want to know about the working of such platforms then you can read the reviews that had been left by the users or taking feedback from any old clients.

Somewhere in the movie “Sixth Sense” the director had tried to portray the similar kind of situation but surely with a difference. IMDB often comes up with the list of such scary paranormal films that arrest the array of genres based more upon psychic phenomenon. In a way they do provide enjoyment but some of them are silly beyond words!

A list of few popular psychic movies is as follows:

  • The Real X Files- Bill Eagles had directed this documentary of 60 minutes. It was released in the year 1993.
  • The Gift- released in 2000 this Sam Raini directed movie revolves around a lady who was asked to find a disappeared young girl through her supernatural powers.
  • The Dead Zone- released in 1983 David Croneberg had directed this movie in a very finest way. The whole story revolves around the realization, acceptance and utility of the supernatural powers experienced by a man after he comes back from coma.
  • Suspect Zero- this 99 minutes movie revolves around a very different concept where a serial killer kills other serial killer.

There are whole set of movies which were made on this idea and for sure had a great impact over the audience. Your list may vary from this but these are good ones too!