Summary: In our daily life, many electronic devices we buy can be used with Wholesale Micro SD cards. The article gives some good advice to us for how to correctly select a micro SD card. Reliable Micro SD wholesaler and good performances are the key factors to be considered. Although such devices as smartphones and tablets have their own storage space, they can still expand their capacity and improve their performance through micro SD cards. Products like motion cameras and surveillance cameras also require storage media to work.

Although Micro SD cards have become very popular, many people are still full of doubts when they buy them. How can we buy one suitable Micro SD card?

When we want to buy one Bulk Micro SD card, the first thing we may consider is the supplier. From the perspective of major e-commerce markets, famous brands like SanDisk, Toshiba, Samsung, Kingston and Lexar have a good reputation and can withstand the test from market.

However, the price from them is not competitive, as they spend a lot on advertisements and manufacture investment. Are there any the other options? The answer is positive, there are many Memory Card Wholesalers focus on OEM, they will produce cards for these brand company, such as Kingston, its cards are not produced by itself but follow their specification.

The format of Micro SD Card

 Besides the brand, the key information we need to know is the format of Micro SD Card. The SD Association has allocated the Micro SD Card into SD, SDHC and SDXC.

The following shows the difference among SD, SDHC and SDXC.

SD literally means Secure Digital. SDHC means Secure Digital High Capacity. SDXC is Secure Digital Extended Capacity.

Specific definitions are not explained much here. The Main difference among these formats is the range of capacity that can be stored and the speed. The SD card stands for the lowest capacity, it is usually ranging from bulk Micro SD 128MB to Micro SD 2GB. The storage capacity of SDHC type micro SD card ranges from the smallest 2GB to the highest 32GB, while that of SDXC type micro SD card ranges from 32GB to 2TB. The largest micro SD card we have seen so far is 512GB, however, 1TB micro SD card is just launched this year and the price is as high as mobile phone.

The speed of Micro SD Card

The second thing is reading speed. SD Card Association has two terms to define the speed level of micro SD cards, where class refers to “speed level”. Each level mark refers to the minimum writing transmission speed of this card. For example, Class 4 represents 4MB/s by write, Class 6 represents 6MB/s by write, and Class 10 represents 10MB/s by write. The larger the number, the faster speed it means.

UHS means Ultra High Speed, and it defines the lowest writing speed of Micro SD Card that is similar to Class. However, the minimum speed is at least 10MB/s, which is much faster than Class. For example, UHS-I 1 has the lowest writing speed of 10MB/s, while UHS-I 3 has the lowest writing speed of 30MB/s. It is important to note that actual speed of most micro SD cards is much faster than the lowest speed labeled.

Generally speaking, one micro SD card labeled with Class10 or UHS-1, the reading speed is with a maximum of 80 MB/s, it can support basic 1080p video recording. Some wholesaler provides micro SD cards dedicated for video surveillance with reading speed of up to 90 MB/s. The memory card labeled with SDXC, UHS-II or 100MB/s suitable for 4K video recording is a good choice for users with 4K-motion camera.

Application of Micro SD Card

As we have known well of the basic information of Micro SD Cards, then there will be no worries of how to choose right Micro SD Card. In order to be clear, we give some direct instructions here.

Micro SD and Micro SDHC card are mostly used for mobile phones, tablets, digital players, digital photo frames and baby monitors. And we can choose the capacity and speed based on personal request, as these formats all can work well in these equipment.

Micro SDXC Card will be suitable for high-speed recording. We can buy for GPS, Drone, Dashcam and Raspberry Pi, as this is higher-level product.